Pure Football PS3 / XBox360 - £4.99 @ Play

Pure Football PS3 / XBox360 - £4.99 @ Play

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The life of the modern professional footballer is one of status, success, and celebrity. Yet there is a group of elite players who are prepared to risk everything to participate in something more. They want the beautiful game in its purest form, 5-a-side football played on the very edge, where the rules are decided by those who take part, not by a referee.

It is here that the players are free to play, here that they feel most alive, here that they are first and foremost footballers - Pure Footballers.


£4.99 what a steal must be worth a look
ordered and forgot quidco ARGHHHHH

this is supposed to be bad tho..okey
good price tho
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Worth a shot to see how it is in comparison to the old FIFA Street series though for that price. Even if you don't like it it's hardly like you'll lose out on a whole lot of cash by selling it on.

cheers ordered to see what its like cant complain at a fiver have some heat

£4.99 too much.

Heat added, can't go wrong for a fiver.

this has to be in my top 10 of worst games ever. good price though, for a tea coaster.

This is possibly the worst game i have ever played and definitely the worst football game ever. even Fifa 97 would be better than this game now. I wouldnt even spend £1 on it

its true, this is awful not worth 5 quid..

Agree with the above posts. Please don't waste your fivers on it!

This game is terrible. Please save your money folks. Gerrard should be ashamed that he allowed such a poor product be released with his face on it.

Dont compare it to FIFA and PES and the game isn't actually that bad

Not a great game but good fun playing two player with a mate, worth a fiver i think...

Don't believe the bad reviews on here - true, it's not FIFA but it's not trying to be. Very much in the vain of the FIFA Street series it's knockabout fun, particularly for younger kids or novice gamers. And for those it's well worth a fiver.

Better than Fifa Street by a long shot in my opinion

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Better than Fifa Street by a long shot in my opinion

1, 2 or 3?
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