Pure Gym £12.99 Month & £12 Joining Fee

Pure Gym £12.99 Month & £12 Joining Fee

Found 21st Oct 2009
Noticed that Pure Gym are opening in Edinburgh on 30 November £12.99 month and £12 joining fee. Leeds Manchester and Wolverhampton also up. Wolverhampton £10 JF. Seems a good price. Can't find any details regarding car parking. Might not be any in the Edinburgh one due to location. Wolverhampton is £9.99 a month and £10 JF. Brillant if you live in Wolverhampton.
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Seriously looking into this myself for the Edinburgh gym. Ok, it dosent have a pool but i currently only use the gym at my existing place anyways and thats £56 a month! Huge savings here AND you can postpone your membership in the event you have a 'notice period' at your current gym. Cant go wrong with this in my eyes!
Open 24hrs too - so I have no excuse for not having time anymore :roll:

Hot price - even the full price after offer is only about £16.99 a month. Even cheaper than my local council run facilities.
i have joined the leeds gym there is a pay and display car park at the side, there was a promotion on this when i got it 10.00 joining fee and 9.99 a month for 12 months. but 12.99 is still a great price for 24 hour
sis pays over 50quid a month in edinburgh will tell her - great price thanks
i joined the manchester one with the promotional price of £9.99 a month . then I cancelled it after reading reviews about it.
I personally was interested in the 24 hour opening cos i for one am a vampire. so was good and of cos very cheap.

But then otheres pointed out about the safety aspect of these gyms... they are not gonna be staffed and only monitored with cctv.
also at the low price there are gonna be pple from all walks of life... so I cancelled my membership.
In Manchester there is also another group opening soon ..The Gym Group.. which are basically operating the same way!!
I have been a member of Gym Group for a while and I tend to go at random hours. Absouletely no problems, when either staffed or unstaffed. People are fine, loads of machines (in good condition too), never had any aggro either.

I dont agree that because its cheap, you'll get lowlifes causing trouble. They'd get banned pretty quickly and I can't imagine a whole group of chavs each paying £x/month (+ joining fee in some cases) to cause trouble! (they have strret corners for free if they want to do that!)

Not heard of this gym, but if its anything like Gym Group, it'll be great.
I joined the Edinburgh one last week. It doesn't open till 30th November so that gives me time to gee myself up to go!! :roll::-D

They have been running a lot of adverts on local radio and I liked the sound of the 24hr opening times. Also at £12.99 its £7 cheaper a month than my local council's cheapest off peak tariff.
the gyms are staffed till 8 at night so i see no problem about the safety aspect whoever advised you is wrong
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