Pure Highway DAB Radio for Car - £49.85 @ IJT Direct

Pure Highway DAB Radio for Car - £49.85 @ IJT Direct

Found 12th May 2011
Spotted this in the promotional leaflet they emailed out. Amazon currently sell them for £67.99.

The Highway is probably the easiest way to add DAB to your existing car stereo. It has both FM transmitter and an AUX out so it is compatible with the majority of car radios.

We own two Highways and love the extra stations it offers. The limitations of DAB quality do not seem to show themselves up.

Note that to work best they need an external antenna. Personally, we use the following one from dabonwheels. It is cheaper than the official Pure antenna and it has a longer lead.


From the world leaders in DAB radio comes Highway - enabling you to enjoy DAB digital radio and your iPod/MP3 player through your car stereo.

Highway is a unique, easy to fit in-car DAB digital radio that also enables you to listen to your iPod/MP3 player.

Powered from the in-car power socket and easily attached to your windscreen with a removable flexible mount (just like a sat nav), Highway receives DAB stations and re-transmits them to your car radio on a free FM frequency. Simply tune your car radio to the FM frequency shown on Highway’s display to listen to DAB or your iPod/MP3 player.

Highway is packed with great, easy-to-use features such as ReVu™ to pause and skip back through live DAB radio, quickSCAN to find free FM transmission frequencies, and 4 FM transmission presets (synchronize these withyour car radio’s FM presets to make avoiding interference a breeze). You can even take Highway from the car when your journey’s over and carry on listening using headphones*.

Whether you want to enjoy the digital stations in-car that you do at home, listen to your iPod/MP3 player on the move, or just discover DAB, Highway brings a lot more entertainment to your journey.
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I had one of these and the internal aerial was useless. If you plan on getting one maybe budget for an external aerial too. Good price though.
Dab signal is far too patchy in the UK to have one in the car even with an external aerial ok in cities but outside of them rubbish.
I have one in the Car, it works fine, I get ok reception, and external ariel may improve, but the built in one if layed across the ceiling of the car(inside)to the back works fine, although I am in London, have tried on Motorway and found have to rescan alot as same channels appear twice or even three times, so can be a pain if travelling far though BBC and popular channels seem OK for the most, but I think other DABs have this issue too. Excellent device if you car has a built in unit, that you dont want to remove etc., hopefully DAB reception will improve one day..
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Just what I was looking for, thanks! Thinking of buying one of these for my mum's birthday/ new car. DAB reception in Blackpool where she lives is very good so this would do well!

EDIT: How do I actually guy it? Weblink is to their site with an image advertising the deal, but no way of adding to the shopping cart...d'oh!
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I have a Pure Highway DAB radio and use it lots in the car. This is a good price. I would also advise purchasing an external aerial for better reception.
Expired, just phoned them up, they're out of stock.
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