PURE Siesta DAB Alarm Clock Radio - Sainsbury's £9.99

PURE Siesta DAB Alarm Clock Radio - Sainsbury's £9.99

Found 14th Jun 2010
Same radio in Tesco being sold for £56!!

If you like waking up to your favourite radio station, you should definitely consider this product from Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) experts, PURE. The entire product has been designed with functionality and the environment in mind, but still looks great.

It works as a multi-function alarm clock with a sleep timer. A range of settings gives different wake-up times for weekends and weekdays, while there are also different sounds for different alarms (DAB radio, FM Radio, or a simple tone), and it has fully adjustable snooze and sleep timers. Its digital signal offers more detail and clarity than regular radio. If you need, you can listen on headphones too.

Apart from great sound quality, DAB has text information in the signal too, which this radio displays on its LCD screen. This keeps you up to date with the name of the station, songs and competition phone numbers. For FM broadcasts, RDS text information is displayed. You can pause and review the DAB text if needed.

Keeping the right time is easy - the radio will automatically update it based on the DAB signal. The screen has a light sensor, and automatically adjusts its brightness to suit the ambient light. Another really clever feature on this radio is a USB connector. Sometimes, Pure will add extra features to a radio, which you can then download from their website. Simply install the updates via the USB connector, and you have an upgraded radio.

The radio is also eco-friendly and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Its Eco Plus technology means it uses less energy than most of its competition during standby and playback.
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out of stock...
out of stock
yes website does say out of stock, but after I saw this I checked my local Sainsbury's with an electrical department and they had them in stock for 9.99.
Out of stock a minute after posted !
hot deal!

out of stock...

You're lucky then.
We had the CD version.
Old fashioned "scroll through" presets.
Pure have gone back in time with this range.
Look for a "modern" radio with preset buttons, you will appreciate it!:thumbsup:
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