Pure Siesta Rise DAB Alarm Clock Digital Radio - £64.99 @ Amazon

Pure Siesta Rise DAB Alarm Clock Digital Radio - £64.99 @ Amazon

Found 18th Sep 2017
Great DAB radio alarm, lowest price it has been on Amazon, same price at Currys here currys.co.uk/gbu…tml

Lowest price I have seen it.
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and the deal is ???????????????
paulkerr59 s ago

and the deal is ???????????????

Everything your phone can do and more for £65
paulkerr18th Sep 2017

and the deal is ???????????????

That it is cheaper here than elsewhere.

paulkerr9 m ago


Add John Lewis to the list though, likely the best deal with them tbf with their warranty
Negative. Very expensive
If £65 is the lowest its been....... It just shows how ludicrously overpriced Pure radios are !
What the flip are people mental these days? It's just an alarm clock!
Thanks op!
It is expensive when the Echo Dot can do this and a lot more.
Please don't buy anything Pure.
It is absolute POO !
My £350 Pure Legato II ( and the replacement) broke down.
My Pure radio alarm has been fine, grabbed from John Lewis a long time ago, but then again I don't listen to the radio nor do I set an alarm on it
I have the first Stereo Pure Evoke and it's still going strong 15 years later.
I think paulkerr is correct, there is no good deal here. This is just a clock-radio, it certainly does not do the same as a cell phone and more as oUkTuRkEyIII suggested (a daft comment) and it is not being sold at a good price. The deal is rightly voted cold OP.
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