PureVPN 3 years for 69$~51£

PureVPN 3 years for 69$~51£

Found 8th Dec 2017
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Don't touch purevpn....seriously ...you will regret it
redtomxx15 m ago

Don't touch purevpn....seriously ...you will regret it

Can you elaborate on your experience please?
I know little of VPNs and those that make that service available but it seems like a good deal to me.
Interface receives inbound traffic.

Shady from the get go.

Cheap for a reason.
Vpn''s are a good idea. Purevpn is not. Ever wonder why you can't pay monthly?
Works.. maybe... for a while. ..if you can get it set up. Drops off, is slow, stops working entirely.. search "pureVpn problems" on google, 😨... it will give you all the answers you need... oh and forget about getting a refund....never happen
Oh nearly forgot...hands your data over as well
So what is a better alternative to this?
IpVanish, NordVPN or PIA are good, reliable VPM providers. I had PureVPN and it was a nightmare.
I only paid £47 for IPVanish. There are plenty of discount codes available through google.
PureVPN - technical support was a night mare, it will take you at least half a day to trigger the 7 day refund option as they keep making you jump through new hoops. Be warned!!!
Purevpn takes money automatically for the next year yet they cut you off.
This happened me twice!
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