PureVPN 5 year subscription $69 / £49

PureVPN 5 year subscription $69 / £49

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5 year subscription to PureVPN for $69 - Works out at $1.15 a month.

Cost in pounds is around £49, depending on your credit card.

Not as quick as other VPN's on the market, but for price/performance it is a very good deal.
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£250 if paying by PayPal? Am I reading that right?
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karlypants4 m ago

£250 if paying by PayPal? Am I reading that right?

Removed as meant to be a joke, due to PayPal stupid currency convertor.
I had purevpn and it dropped while I was watching something. Never again
I have been using Pure VPN for about 18 months without a problem. However I read an article that suggested that it was worse than having no VPN at all in that it gives you a false sense of security. Basically it leaks. You might want to read this review before purchasing. restoreprivacy.com/pur…ew/ . I have switched to Nord VPN which is an awful lot safer.
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