Push - Blu-ray, £5.99 delivered @ HMV
Push - Blu-ray, £5.99 delivered @ HMV

Push - Blu-ray, £5.99 delivered @ HMV

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Scotsman Paul McGuigan (WICKER PARK, GANGSTER NO. 1) directs this high-energy sci-fi thriller set in Hong Kong. Nick (Chris Evans) is a 'mover', meaning he can move objects with his mind. As a child, he escaped from Special Agent Carver (Djimon Hounsou) of the Division, a U.S. government operative who rounds up those with psychic gifts so that the government can perform experiments on them with the goal of creating a psychic army. Ten years later, Chris is lying low in Hong Kong when 13-year old 'watcher' Cassie (Dakota Fanning), who can see the future, shows up on his doorstep. Together, this odd couple sets off on an adventure that brings them to Kira (Camilla Belle), who has escaped the Division and is on the run. Kira possesses a dangerous gift: she is a 'pusher' who can plant ideas and make anyone believe anything she wants. Along with some other psychic friends, Nick, Cassie, and Kira go on a frenetic quest that may bring down the shady Division and set its psychic captives free.

PUSH's psychics are a bit closer to superheroes, albeit without the costumes: 'sniffers' can see the recent past by smelling an object, 'shadows' can keep people and objects hidden, 'shifters' can temporarily change the appearance of an object, and so on. The special effects in the fight scenes featuring Agent Victor Budarin (Neil Jackson), who can shield himself from bullets and send people flying across the room with a whisk of his hand, are particularly well done. Evans holds his own as the reluctant hero, and Fanning is, as always, a formidable presence on screen. Hong Kong itself is another character in the film, providing a crowded, fast-paced, anonymous backdrop for the action.


Showing £10.99

Great find, HOT on price :thumbsup: (shame the films so crap :roll: )

is this available in red-ray?

Now showing in stock and at £5.99 again :thumbsup:

5.99 now, great film, HOT!

I turned it off half way threw :?

Hot price though :-D


Great find, HOT on price :thumbsup: (shame the films so crap :roll: )

I hired it on blu ray this weekend complete garbage

Heat added, the kids loved it and my son was goin on about wanting some blu ray films for chrimbo:-D


x2I hired it on blu ray this weekend complete garbage

Could not agree more, I usually like stuff like this but it was just a poor mans heroes/xmen with a ver poor story line.Just because it's cheap for blu Ray does'nt make this a bargain!

Checks out at 10.99 now
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