Pushing Daisies Blu-Ray Season 1 - £13.97 Delivered @ Amazon

Pushing Daisies Blu-Ray Season 1 - £13.97 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 16th Apr 2010
CHEAPEST DEAL AROUND AND CHEAPER THAN ANY OF THE PREVIOUS DEALS (£16~) Stonking price for a full season on Blu-Ray!

From a young age, Ned demonstrated a remarkable ability for raising the dead with a single touch. The only drawback to this seemingly miraculous gift is that a second touch from him would render them permanently dead. When a private investigator spots Ned's peculiar talent, he enlists him to help solve murder cases by reviving the victims just long enough for them to indentify their killer. An ingenious plan, you might think. But what happens when one of the deceased is your childhood sweetheart and you are faced with the ultimate moral dilemma: let the victim rest in peace after they've given evidence, or keep them alive indefinitely in the name of love?
Series creator Bryan Fuller (DEAD LIKE ME) indulges his taste for the macabre in a comic fantasy that not only challenges our own sense of mortality, but makes us laugh in doing so. With its hyper-real visuals, PUSHING DAISIES bears a striking resemblance to films like BIG FISH, AMELIE, and EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, though in this case, the bright, saturated colours and exaggerated camera angles belie the show's dark humour. This release contains every episode from the debut series.

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This crud is up there with the top 10 worst things EVER on TV!! Why anybody would waste money on it beats the heck out of me. Anna whatsherface should have disappeared after that soap she was in, how she managed to further her acting career leaves me rather baffled. Rant over.
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