Pushing Daisies - Series 1 DVD £8.93 delivered @ The Hut

Pushing Daisies - Series 1 DVD £8.93 delivered @ The Hut

Found 6th Nov 2009
£1 cheaper than last week.
Every not-so-often, along comes a show that's different. Wonderful;;y different. It's the story of Ned, a lonely pie maker whose touch can reanimate the dead. Cool, but there's a hitch. If Ned touches the person again, the miracle is reversed. If he doesn't, a bystander goes toes up. What to do? Easy: Team with a private eye, bring murder victims back just long enough to discover whodunit, and collect the rewards. Things go well until Ned's boyhood sweetie is the next dear departed, and he can't resist bringing her back for keeps! Dig the wit!, style and quirky romance: If you're not laughing, you may need a visit from Ned.

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