Pushme.to 2.0 - iPhone App Free For A Limited Time!

Pushme.to 2.0 - iPhone App Free For A Limited Time!

Found 4th Jun 2010
Pushme.to brings free instant messaging to your iPhone and web browser, for real-time communication with your friends with or without iPhone.

If they have an iPhone/iPod Touch, you can exchange free messages with images, just knowing their nickname. Or, using just a browser, your friends can send you free instant messages from your pushme.to/nic…ame web page and read your replies in real time.

No registration is required for sending you instant messages from the web. Leave your link or install a widget anywhere on the web and be connected to the world, instantly.

Why is it better than SMS?

- No charges per message, international or not
- Instant images send and receive on the web or iPhone/iPod Touch
-Messages delivered on the screen but via Internet - even without network coverage with Wi-Fi
- All messages are stored in the cloud and accessible via browser

Why is it better than competing iPhone messengers?

- Your buddies without iPhone can talk to you!
- Put a widget on your site of FB page
- Your inbox available in any browser

Note: Pushme.to relies on Push Notification services to alert you in real time, you will have to have it on for the application to work.

Tip: if you have installed the app, but push notifications are not working, try rebooting the iPhone.

What's New in Version 2.0

-Two-way real-time messaging between iPhones or iPhone and a web browser (chat with your non-iPhone friends)
- Completely redesigned
- Messages organized per conversation, sent messages now visible
- Ability to link Pushme.to usernames to iPhone contacts
- Avatars support both on the web, and from iPhone contacts
- Softer incoming message sound


not bad

I didn't vote cold but I can't really see where I would use it.

really good app! use it with ma mates really good as some of em dont have unlimited texts all the time so as this is free!! really good

Why is it expired? It is still available for free.


will have some of this cheers
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