Puzzle Quest DS - £12.99 @ AmazonUK

Puzzle Quest DS - £12.99 @ AmazonUK

Found 22nd Nov 2008
Product Features
Innovative Gameplay Style - Strategy and role-playing elements that function harmoniously in the puzzle game board setting offer a refreshing twist on classic puzzle gameplay, fostering an exceptional depth of investment and enjoyment.
Head-to-Head Gameplay Mechanism - Competitive, turn-based gameplay encourages you to plan, think and strategize against opponents instead of just react like most traditional puzzle games
game difficulty and progression are related to outsmarting your enemies as opposed to difficulty increasing solely through level progression.
No Penalty for Losing - If you experience defeat, you are still awarded experience points as well as partial gold and then encouraged to try again
this allows constant progression and avoids any feelings that invested play time is wasted.
Continuous Reward System - At every turn, you will acquire helpful companions, collect or cast powerful magic spells, gather informational rumours, and obtain items like weapons, armour and money to advance your hero.
Short- or Long-term Play Sessions - Play in long or short doses since the depth of the game does not waver according to the length of a gameplay session
each battle ranges from 3-10 minutes.
Create and Build a Hero - Choose from two male and two female avatars in each of the four character classes-Druid, Knight, Warrior and Wizard-to create, develop and customise your ultimate hero.
Build Your Own Empire - Build an empire as you capture cities, build castles and gain a party of companions that will aid you in battle.

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:gift:Bought this last year for my then 5 year old. He could not get to grips with it. I would say for 7 plus.
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