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Posted 6 October 2022

PXG 2021 0211 Golf Driver - £129 delivered @ PXG

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Seems an incredible price for this. Fairway woods are £109 too.

The PXG 2021 0211 golf Driver has a versatile head design to promote confidence on the tee. With an incredible balance of crazy distance, unbelievable forgiveness, and stunning ball speed, our PXG 2021 0211 Drivers are so good, they’ll knock your hat in a creek!

Features a single weight port positioned on the sole toward the back of the clubhead for maximum forgiveness, high trajectory, and high MOI.

Adjustable hosel can change the loft (+/-) 1½ degrees to optimize the trajectory.

Weight back design creates a deep center of gravity (CG) position, producing higher launch conditions and an exceptionally high MOI.
PXG More details at
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  1. RunningBean's avatar
    Hi folks. I was a club fitter/clubmaker. This is an absolute steal. The difference between top-end clubs is minimal for the average golfer. You’ll see from reviews on the web that this is quite the performer for its original price, let alone now. You can’t even buy one of the shafts PXG offer for this money.

    PXG offer a lot of options, and the best place to ask about the different shafts and grip sizes is PXG themselves. They can do a basic fitting over the phone, and you’ll get better advice than from well-meaning folks on the internet.

    PXG definitely aren’t getting out of the golf game. They’re just owned by a somewhat eccentric billionaire golf nut (Bob Parsons of GoDaddy).

    Stuff sometimes goes in and out of stock at PXG, so keep an eye out if there’s something you missed out on. I think there’s a new 0211 type club coming soon though.

    The pic in the OP is the 0211Z, not the 0211. (edited)
  2. geedundee_'s avatar
    Think I'm gonna go for this. Currently using a jet speed. Second hand jet speed in good condition is this kinda price. What's the best shaft for a slow swing speed. Thanks
    Freddiethecat's avatar
    Depends what you count as slow.
    Rule of thumb,over 100mpg stiff,90-100 regular,less than that either senior or ladies.

    But of course everyone differs, I'm about 96 to 100 but use a stiff as I swing quick, probably too quick.

    And not every shaft specs are the same.
  3. geordieant's avatar
    Can you buy them from the approved fitting centre? Will they be the same cost?
    Tempted to kit myself out and sell my old gear!
    Gilo10golf's avatar
    I called up and it was £20 separate cost for fitting
  4. toonfan90's avatar
    Has anybody had order confirmation on this yet? I ordered last night but nothing through. Not sure if I should order again or hope for the best!
    hammer151's avatar
    My confirmation went into junk folder, worth a look.
  5. LazyDonkey's avatar
    The response from PXG this morning was:-
    Unfortunately, that 0211 range won’t be coming back into stock but if you keep your eyes on our website and social media over the coming weeks, we’ll have a further update.

    New updated budget model incoming.
  6. capa's avatar
    What shaft are people choosing here?
    Would people recommend oversized grip?
    Does the stiff and extra stuff shaft suit younger more athletic players?
    stockdam's avatar
    It doesn't matter what others are choosing. Get a personal fitting and you'll get the shaft, grips, loft that suits you.
  7. KCChief19's avatar
    Just back from the range and hit 100 balls with my Gen4 0811XF Driver. Very Very impressed. Easy to hit, relatively tight dispersion (not getting my dreaded slice). So good signs on initial use. Looking forward to getting my 0211 5 wood and Hybrid, if they perform as well I will be very happy.
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    Your comment alone may have just cost me £209!
  8. capa's avatar
    Wish I knew if I needed stiff or extra, oversized grip or not, longer shaft, which shaft type without the fitting.
    I mean what shaft to go for? (edited)
    KCChief19's avatar
    Grip - most people use standard but you can check guides online for what size hands could benefit from oversized.

    Shaft type and length are best sorted with a fitting but you can make a good guess at the flex based on swing speed. Generally 90-100 mph would be a regular for example. Also saw advice saying if you carry your drives consistently 210-240 you should have regular and 240-270 is stiff.

    I’m in the 210-240 range and I went for the Tensei AV Raw Blue in 55g on my Gen 4 driver and it seems quite suitable for me.
  9. Chris2jz's avatar
    Hard to say no at that price - shaft must be almost all of the five wood I’ve just bought !!
  10. allonred25's avatar
    I'm just recently back into golf. Not played properly for about 15 years. Still using my r7 driver that is about 17 years old. Hitting it well but I guess I'd see an improvement with this?
    niknak's avatar
    As a rough rule of thumb I'd say if you swing around 100mph with a driver (carry about 230yds) for every year newer the driver you gain about 1yd so you'll probably gain about 15+ yds with this if it suits you as well as the R7 (which I had too and was a great club back then). This will also be more forgiving for the mishits.
  11. J2X's avatar
    If anyones interested in fitting. two locations are free. Other than that its £20. The guy on the phone said the fitters should have all shafts.

    Once your fitted the fitter will order it online and then its posted to you within 10 days.
    liamyB's avatar
    What are the two free locations?
  12. liamyB's avatar
    Think this is suitable for a 20 handicapper. Currently use a cobra fly z with 60g stiff shaft
    stockdam's avatar
    I'd pay £20 for the fitting and compare it to your current driver.
  13. LazyDonkey's avatar
    These are PXG’s affordable ‘budget’ range and shouldn’t be confused with the far more expensive 311. The price was only around £200 earlier this year, but if you can get fitted and get the right shaft £149 is a good price.
    Look at the comments attached to the offer on Facebook. Feedback is mixed, with poor quality being called into question. Incidentally, the better 811 Gen 4 driver is also on offer at £209, but the two colour head is ugly as. (edited)
  14. barryovenden's avatar
    Thank you! Ordered a 7 wood but oddly no acknowledgement email from PXG yet. Anyone else had confirmation of their order yet? (edited)
    Chris2jz's avatar
    Mine was in my junk folder 📁
  15. irfan1235's avatar
    Anyone else not recieved confirmation email?
    rlchris1982's avatar
    Check your spam that’s where my went for some reason 
  16. LazyDonkey's avatar
    Bare in mind that you might be waiting up to 6 weeks for delivery, if any component is on back order. A standard shaft and grip should take a week to get to the shipping stage - based on previous orders.
  17. LazyDonkey's avatar
    Interesting to see that the new 2022 0211 drivers are now listed in the US for $189 - special launch price.
    Also this years 0211 fairway and hybrids are now non-adjustable.
    LazyDonkey's avatar
    Last night it was showing as $189. Will probably be £259 UK.
    48468322-S1F0w.jpg (edited)
  18. Bane17's avatar
    What do people think to this driver? The sound for me when I hit a drive sweetly is extremely dull!
    Gilo10golf's avatar
    The sounds is a dull thud! But seems to be more forgiving and longer than my 12 year old Ping G20. Overall I’m very impressed and happy for the price….
  19. villageidiotdan's avatar
    If you've not been put off by the brand, just hit my first bucket of balls with their £209 gen4 driver and its almost impossible to hit badly!

    I'd not consider buying it without a fitting mind you
    burnerg81's avatar
    I’m with you. Free fitting is a no brainer for the price. You’d probably have to look at the new 0211 at £229 as I’d assume the older models will be sold out by the time anyone is fitted.

    in terms of the 0211, I got 44” 10.5 degree with a regular aldila elite blue 55g. Yes, sound is tinny and I’d honestly say distance is slightly down compared to my Callaway, but, ball speed is up, which suggests a different shaft might be more suited to me. Again, fitting is worth doing which is what I’ll likely do into next summer when the weather gets better.
  20. rab8's avatar
    Is it just me or is the price of PXG equipment crashing? Sure I saw irons reduced from over four grand to around £800. Wonder if their ultra premium branding is no longer working.
    Frank.Rizzo's avatar
    It seems they may just be settling into their realistic price range after they were massively overpriced at the beginning. Price is a big factor in golf and 'cheap' doesnt get respect. PXG came in high, real high, got a lot of attention but their prices werent going to translate into volume sales. Now they're somewhat established they can market their gear at somewhat more realistic prices.
  21. stockdam's avatar
    This is a great price for a quality driver......fairways woods are a good price also.
    Very tempted to buy myself an early Christmas present just to try (my current Titleist driver is 10 years old but have no reason to change as I hit it well).
    BargainBasementBill's avatar
    If your Driver ain't broke don't fix it!
    I also have a Cobra driver 12 years old
    Still out there with the most of the best of them at my club.
  22. zomg's avatar
    Rick Shiel's Review

    Damn I'm tempted by this Nice choice of shafts available at no extra cost too... (edited)
    f28476's avatar
    And that review was at £299. Mega value now.
  23. squeezedog's avatar
    I bought the 0211 irons at the £65 per club price and that included custom fit shaft and midsized grips superb clubs, when I was purchasing I couldn’t get my card accepted so just called them and they sorted it , this driver is for me at this price, heat
    TrickyGB's avatar
    Wowzers, when were the irons this price? Wish I'd snapped some up
  24. brettreeve's avatar
    Don't need a new driver (not convinced there is any improvement in performance in top end drivers over the last 5-6 years) but couldn't say no at this price
    derekduncan77's avatar
    Totally agree.. But what if???
  25. niknak's avatar
    Great prices for driver & fairways. The shafts alone nearly cover the price.
  26. BargainBasementBill's avatar
    This smells like they are getting out of the Golf club Market..
    Nike done this sort of thing a few years ago, High prices to start with and in the end they where virtually giving the clubs away.
    You never hear of Nike Clubs anymore do you not even in the 2nd hand market?
    BadMutha5's avatar
    Do they do anything else other than golf?
  27. BargainBasementBill's avatar
    Sometimes you are better off improving your technique chipping sand shots etc.
    I have a go to Guy on you tube for tips etc.
    Funny Guy and good tips.
    mrshortgamegolf Google it. (edited)
  28. liamyB's avatar
    Their 60day returns. Can you try the club and send back or does it need to be new?
  29. rmjohns2's avatar
    Great price. Been looking for a replacement for my Callaway driver for a while. Reviews are great and it was £300 not long ago.
  30. Freddiethecat's avatar
    If you can get a fitting this is a steal, especially with the shaft options
    Even without its dirt cheap compared with other premium brands.

    Probably because they will be dropping it for a newer budget model like they did with the iron's
    If you have a 10 yr old driver that isn't your easiest club to hit I'd jump on this,60 day money back guarantee and would get back at least £80 used in a couple of seasons.
    No brainer

    Just see the gen 4 stuff on the US site is 129 per iron..think we can expect another price drop before Xmas on the UK prices before Christmas hopefully (edited)
  31. chaos_chris's avatar
    Madness. The 10 degree has sold out already, I wanted a 9 degree anyway so that worked out. Thinking about how much I saved I bought a gen 4 , 3 wood as well. Dammit hot deals.
  32. Stiz2theMiz's avatar
    Shared before I bit... annoyingly the 7 wood is now OOS! Won't do that again!
    Went for the 3 and 5 fairways though as needed to replace my Nike hybrids. If anyone has a 7-wood stiff Project X 70 shaft for sale please let me know.
    liamyB's avatar
    Yeah one of the hottest golf deals ever. Great post mate sorry you missed out but no doubt gumtree and ebay will have a few in 3-6month
  33. 306notout's avatar
    Mine arrived today, brilliantly packaged I must say. I like the way it sits behind the ball compared to my Ping G410. Taking both to the range on Trackman to compare tomorrow
  34. stryker2001's avatar
    Project x cypher 50
  35. BadMutha5's avatar
    Oh my days this is an unbelievable price. I think you're right - still I expect these are a little better that what you can get from Sports Direct?!
  36. Freddiethecat's avatar
    I personally like the equipment,I have the driver and irons,it's the haphazard pricing that gets me.
    The Clothing is ridiculously expensive,so are the bags.
    The 0211 irons were at one point £65 a club fitted,a bargain but the newer version are £139.
    But I know that going off previous sales they will plummet in price before long.

    Plus they don't sell any older stock at discount?

    Good clubs, bafflingly price structure.
  37. eelvis's avatar
    Have the irons and they are fantastic, the only concern is marking but at this price you can't lose. Fairway woods at £109 and hybrid £99. (edited)
  38. barnehurst's avatar
    good price
  39. richard.thorpe's avatar
    Oh Hotdeals. Such good pricing gone for Driver, 5wood and 3 hybrid. Been looking at these and old stuff will sell for the same. Thanks OP
  40. Gilo10golf's avatar
    Thanks for posting! I’ve just seen a few YouTube reviews and the feedback is good. Rick Shiels review was good and he paid £325 for the driver! An absolute steal at this price and I’ve gone for it 💪
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