Pyramat projector £150.00 down to £67.50

Pyramat projector £150.00 down to £67.50

Found 1st Jan 2008
Projects 60" (150cm) diagonal image on walls and ceiling

Compatible with TV, VCR, DVD player and other video sources (not included)

Works with most gaming consoles

TFT LCD Projector with 960 x 240 resolution

Item No.: 1061005401
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Out Of Stock! (checked with sales telephone line).
Great value - excellent projector - was one in stock in trafford centre Manchester
Were loads in Doncaster on Sunday.
resolution is a bit misleading, they include every colour individually, ie 960 is 3 * 320 so the actual res is an appauling 320 * 240!
Any reviews ?
How small is it really ?
They had about 10 in the Guildford Store 3 days ago
My son had one for christmas, The sound is good and loud enough, picture not so bright. the room has to be very dark to see it. Not bad for £68. replacement bulbs are around £2 from DIY stores.
I would say it's better than a cheap portable tv in the kids bedroom. but not good for downstairs or game consoles.
In the end, we sent it back and bought a £217 one from ebuyer.

Out of stock - tried to order one.

Your request cannot be completed, as one or more of the products you wish … Your request cannot be completed, as one or more of the products you wish to purchase are not available in the quantity you requested.

would have been perfect for what I need it for!
This has been out of stock online since they went half price as been looking at them since christmas eve.
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