Pyrates WOW Deal.  Normally £49.99 now £19.99 lots of pieces for under £20

Pyrates WOW Deal. Normally £49.99 now £19.99 lots of pieces for under £20

Found 3rd Feb 2007
I don't work for argos honest...Just looking to grab some bargain presents for birthdays and Christmas and came across this I have a 6 year old nephew that will love this and a bargain too can't be bad.Hth

Pyrates WOW Deal.
Was £49.99 3695955

now £19.99

Carved from the ribcage of a whale, Dread Eye's Phantom ship coasts through the fog and strikes its rivals without warning.

The skeleton crew carved their spectral ship from the ribcage of a whale!

Strange texture 'heavy water' membrane lights up with blinking patterns when cannons blast and prisoners are 'fed' into the ship's hull dungeon.

The large ship has wheels for ocean mobility and 3 manual cannons that fire projectiles.

Battle damage features such as collapsing mast and captain's deck add to the danger.

Features real cloth sails and secret compartment storage.

Includes four Skeleton Crew figures and one Pyrates prisoner.

100 pieces.

For ages 8 years and over.

Captain Cutlass' Stormstalker is a fast attack vessel that captures skeleton rogues and steals their treasure.

The rotating transformation cage changes skeletons back into human Pyrates while one firing cannon and one harpoon launcher defend against enemy ships.

This set features a plank, cloth sails, anchor and a moving crane with prisoner cage.

Includes three Sea Marauders and one skeleton prisoner.

99 pieces.

for ages 6 years and over.

The Smuggler's Fort is the fourth marker of the area known as Skull Haven, a place that holds the key to the hidden treasure of the Lord Of The Pyrates.

This 360 degree playset serves as a harbor for vessels and figures.

This re-buildable environment features a rope ladder, shark trap pitfall, launching cannon, salvaged ship mast/tower, rowboat and shark with three figures vying for the treasure hidden somewhere on this island.

Look for the secret webcode to go online at…tes.

60 pieces.

For ages 6 years and over.

Batteries required 3 x AA, not included.

For ages 8 years and over.

Size (H)36.6, (W)32.8, (D)26.6cm.


i bought this for my son at christmas i paid 30.00 for it , it is 3 separate big boxes and really worth 19.99 , could easily be split for birthdays etc , good find r11bey:thumbsup:


Fab set for just £20, nice deal r11bey :thumbsup: Thanks for the feedback on it too shazzer

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