Pyrex Prep, Cook and Store 9 Piece Dish Set at Tesco Direct for £18

Pyrex Prep, Cook and Store 9 Piece Dish Set at Tesco Direct for £18

Found 9th Feb 2017
It's back again! - Cheapest they've been online for delivery to your local store!
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Thanks, just ordered
Thanks, Just what I needed.
yes.. got them this time, missed out the last time
Many thanks
missed out on offer last time
Nice price, heat added
Great price £2 an item bargain - ordered
thanks OP.
Thank you!!! just ordered!!!
Thank you! Just ordered, absolute bargain!
Many thanks ordered
thanks, just ordered
Last time it was back in stock, it was £60 - hahahahaha. It was bad enough at £30, now it's turned up at £18, it can really be called a Deal - Thank You OP.

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Want these.. still hovering on add to basket button oO
Thank you, just ordered
I only really want the 1 large dish. However that'll probably cost £10, so have gone and bought this set.

I never normally do my grocery shopping at Tesco but every time I do a C&C there, I always do my weekly shop there too. So Tesco did the right thing by re-instating free C&C to their stores.

Thanks OP.
Ordered. I broke a pyrex bowl 3 hours ago. thank you!
Nice deal OP. Ordered 1. Thank you
Good deal! Shame Quidco and TopCashback don't work any more
Thanks OP, ordered. Heat.
Ordered thanks
How big are these ? Are they all small?
Have you got a link everytime i click on the picture i get a spyware/adawre warning
Thank you
Cheers op just picked up a set
Thank you OP, just ordered a set for my mom,
Original price £60 oO
Heat added!
Are they airtight?
Thanks OP! Jumped right on this!
thank you
NO STOCK or sellers
Sorry, there are currently no sellers for this product.:(
thank you very much. I've ordered it last night
ordered few, thanks OP
Damn. Had it in my basket and then it was gone! Now out of stock
If anyone sees this back on sale, PLEASE let me know! Thanks.

Are they airtight?

I would imagine so because the lids are really tough to get off. Well they are on the round bowl ones.

Got mine today and they are bigger then I expected. Very happy, even though they were apparently £12.50 in-store somewhere last month.
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