Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 - £249.95 @ RicherSounds

Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 - £249.95 @ RicherSounds

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My first deal, I've searched, can't find it on here, I just got back from the Leeds store with a set of these after seeing them online for £249.95, I can confirm the ones I got were brand new and not a returned or refurbed item. A deal was posted a week or so back for these speakers for £299.99 at SuperFi and that got hot so I hope this will too Please note, these are the "last few" so to speak, so be quick! Enjoy!

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""At £500 this package sets a new standard for build, design and sonic quality." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine.

If sound quality is of greater concern to you than tiny satellite size, then the Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 pack really is one of the best ways of spending your cash. Made up of 4 1010i satellite speakers, these compact speakers are superb in their own right. With a smooth, refined treble and surprising dynamic impact you could use them without a subwoofer and still enjoy an impressive, punchy performance. Add the Q Acoustics Q1000Si sub, however, and the action really hots up. Matching plenty of low-end grunt to a tight rhythmic response, the Q1000Si has the power and control of a much more expensive subwoofer. Finally, the 1000Ci is the perfect matching centre speaker. Using the same drive units as the 1010i satellite speakers it's perfectly voice matched for a seamless sound stage. Twin woofers also give a broader spread of sound with less congested dialogue.

It might not be as small or pretty as some rivals, but the Q-Acoustics 1010i 5.1 pack is far from being ugly. The compact satellites are neatly finished with curved edges and flush baffles. Speaker grills are included for a more discreet look.

For a speaker package system that punches above its weight, there are few more satisfying ways of listening to your films for under £500. Try it and see!"

What HiFi Review: whathifi.com/Rev…51/



Great price.!!

Have your wired them up? Do they sound good?

Heat added btw
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hard to stop myself pressing the heat button. deal too good

Very good price! Superb package for the money, heated up.

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Have your wired them up? Do they sound good?Heat added btw

I listened to a pair of 1010's in superfi on Tuesday and they were good speakers, quite a bit of punch, nice treble, quite crisp too, I haven't hooked them up to the receiver yet, I got an Onkyo 608.

I'll be doing this later tonight or tomorrow. I'll get back to you after I've set it all up

are Q acoustics any good? compared maybe to denon, tannoy?


are Q acoustics any good? compared maybe to denon, tannoy?

denon? speakers?

Hot! I've got a pair of 1010's running from my PC through a Class-D amp. Fantastic sound, much better than my Gale Golds IMO.

A bit ugly and the sub is only 'OK' but this is a really good started set and you will get 80% of your cash back (e B ay? / AVForums) if you upgrade.

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I've connected these up, for the money and the size, I'm quite impressed tbh, good sound for home cinema and quite good on the audio front, well worth the money imo.

Absolute bargain for a fantastic set of speakers, heat added.


I bought these at £499.95 1 - 2 years ago and I'm extremely happy with the sound quality.

This is a bargain!

Heat added


I bought these at £499.95 1 - 2 years ago and I'm extremely happy with … I bought these at £499.95 1 - 2 years ago and I'm extremely happy with the sound quality.

About 3 years ago, I compared these to Kef 2005's, and went for those instead @ £450. These look very good value for money, but there must be a reason why they are so cheap. Having said that though, I am considering these for another room.
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