Q Acoustics 3010 Speakers Per Pair inc 6 year guarantee £79 Richer Sounds (instore)

Q Acoustics 3010 Speakers Per Pair inc 6 year guarantee £79 Richer Sounds (instore)

Expires on 20/12/2019Available: National, South East, South, South West, London, East of England, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, North West, North East, Wales, Scotland, Northern IrelandPosted 28th Oct
went 600 deg plus last time they were down to this price.
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Good if you find any.
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Competent for small room setups or for rears on a budget, matched with the 3020s and the 3090 Centre...add in a cheap subwoofer such as the Yamaha YSTFSW050 and it would be a decent budget system for a small to medium sized room and a lot better than satellites.
Great speakers. Heat added.
I use these as desktop speakers for my PC with an SMSL AD18 USB amp/DAC, great combo and has served me very well.
Cracking speakers. Use four of them in my living room with a 3090 centre and another two as my PC speakers.
Free delivery to Northern Ireland here
I'm interested in buying some stands for these. Is it worth buying the Q Acoustics ones or should I save some money and get something a little cheaper? (And if so, how much should be spent on stands?)
Good starter speakers but the reality is these are muddy sounding. Don't expect detail. These have ended up being decent satellite speakers in my setup but they will be phased out.
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I've got a set of these and the 3020s and the 20s are significantly better. If you can find a deal on them and stretch to a set of them you'll be rewarded with much better sound.
Great speakers for the price. I've got them as my fronts with the 3090 centre which sounds good to me. Unfortunately WAF (wife acceptance factor) means that bigger speakers aren't an option.
Tested both 3010's and 3020's in cinema 7.1 setups paired with a BK sub. Both work well however the 3020's do have the edge.
This is a cracking deal with the 6y guarantee so hot for me.
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