Q Acoustics 3020 (Graphite) £119 @ Richer Sounds

Q Acoustics 3020 (Graphite) £119 @ Richer Sounds

Posted 8th Nov
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"Yet another top class budget standmount from Q Acoustics. It delivers a fabulous sound for the money." 'What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine'. 5-star review.

Award-winning predecessors
The Q Acoustics 2000-Series was one of the most widely praised speaker ranges, picking up numerous awards throughout its life. With revisions to every aspect of that fundamentally assured design, the 3000-Series is set to take the market by storm.

Revised drive units
At the heart of the 3020 are new drive units. Starting at the top, the new Ring Dome tweeter provides a more accurate response, for precise reproduction of even the most subtle aspects of music. The tweeter unit is decoupled from the rest of the cabinet, meaning that it isn't affected by vibration from the bass unit. The new Aramid fibre/paper woofer cone is light, rigid, and helps give the 3010s their punchy, agile sound quality.

More powerful bass
With a larger diameter bass cone and increased cabinet volume, the Q Acoustics 3020 offers a noticeably more powerful sound than its little brother, the 3010. Ideal for larger rooms and/or lovers of dance, rock and full orchestral music, the 3020 brings greater dynamic realism, enhancing the feeling of 'being there'. The improved efficiency also ensures these speakers are easier to drive, making them ideal for less powerful amplifiers.

Cabinet improvements
With revised cabinet bracing, the distinctive Q Acoustics cabinets have been made even better. With reduced cabinet resonance, the sound becomes less coloured and truer to how it sounded in the studio/concert venue. Uprated audiophile grade crossover components improve the transparency of sound still further.

New finishes
Still distinctively designed with signature rounded cabinets, the new 3000-Series is available in a wider range of finishes than ever. Choose between Matt Graphite, Black Leather Effect or Black Lacquer for a technical look to blend well with your other hi-fi components. Alternatively, White Lacquer looks great in modern interiors. Finally, the American Walnut vinyl finish is the ideal complement for both antique and traditional furniture.

One of the finest all-round speakers available at its price and now available in five individual finishes, the only dilemma you'll have with the 3020 is which one to pick!
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Great speakers. But Richer sound were selling them for £99, back in May this year.
I bought two pairs
I don't have the most expensive hifi system but found them excellent in a medium sized room with a Marantz pm6006 UK amp. I had the black gloss which rarely seem to be reduced. I did put them on the official stands for a noticeably better sound.
Definitely a good pair of speakers but a above also paid £99 earlier this year .
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Regular price. Perhaps these were a bit overhyped but I guess I’m not as impressed as I thought I would be with these. Good enough for the price though.
For surround setups they are great for the price, I use them myself. With a supported sub they do the job very well. Also being ported allows the user to experiment with or without the supplied bungs.

For HiFi listening you wouldn't really be looking at this price range.
I upgraded to a set with these in over my old budget 5.1 setup. Huge improvement, excellent sound. I managed to pick them up for £40 on ebay which was a bit of a steal. Combined them with the 3050 floorstanding and 3090c, as well as 4 old cheap high level atmos speakers and and old sub and it sound great.
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