Q ACOUSTICS QAV 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM £399.95 delivered from Superfi

Q ACOUSTICS QAV 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM £399.95 delivered from Superfi

Found 6th Aug 2010
The Q Acoustics Q-AV 5.1 is an incredibly discreet home cinema speaker system. Setting up a full surround sound system in your living room usually involves rearranging the furniture and placing bookshelf or floor-standing speakers and large boxy subwoofers around the room. The Q-AV 5.1 system is different. It is designed to be low impact and unobtrusive whilst still delivering a great surround sound experience.

This Q-AV 5.1 system consists of an extremely flexible LCR65 soundbar, suitable for use with televisions with 50" to 65" screens, which provides the centre, front left and front right channel audio, a compact, wall-mountable subwoofer and a pair of inconspicuous, also wall-mountable, rear speakers. Once the speaker system is installed, it's easy to forget it's there at all.

The Soundbar is an innovative solution which sits below your television. It is wall mountable, has a bracket to adjust its distance from the wall and expands horizontally to match the size of your television, up to a 65" screen. (If you have a smaller television the Q-AV 5.1 with LCR50 works with screens between 37" and 50".) In fact, you could well be excused for thinking it was an integrated under-mount TV speaker. That is, until you hear it, because its acoustic performance is very impressive. Also available are the Q-AV table-top stand, floor stand and cantilever wall-mounting bracket, which allow easy mounting of your flatscreen TV and the soundbar at the same time.

The Subwoofer also features compact dimensions and can be either free-standing or wall mounted. On the wall it resembles a radiator or air purifier - again blending into your rooms décor. Black and white finishes are also available for easy room matching. Its performance is top-notch and adds that important low-level sound that livens up any movie soundtrack.

The rear speakers can be free-standing, but to really hide them away, they can be wall mounted near the skirting or coving. Producing an immersing surround sound experience, these rear speakers do their job incredibly well.

As a complete system, the Q Acoustics Q-AV 5.1 blends seamlessly into your living room, getting as close to an invisible home cinema as possible. Why not invite your friends around to watch a movie and play spot the speaker?


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This is the LCR65 soundbar to fit under up to 65" TVs, not the smaller LCR50.

Awesome system, I have one myself.
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