Q - Deals from Quantas: return from LHR to HKG from £483 + 2% Quidco

Q - Deals from Quantas: return from LHR to HKG from £483 + 2% Quidco

Found 1st Sep 2010
Other destinations also included in the deal.


Not such airline as Quantas

I think he means Qantas and its not too bad but not for me as its from LHR and it cheaper for me to fly with Qatar from MAN (by the time i add my time and cost of travel to LHR)

V Good price, great service, but only downside is the return flight times.

I flew this once during a a business trip to hkg. Company extended my stay and got me a return flight with quantas.
Down side is that I had to get up real early for a 6am ish flight so was up for 4am to check out early so no breakfast. Nothing was open in the airport. The flight itself was good with good service food was actually edible unlike air france, (air hotess were nice and friendly and good with drinks).

The downside to the trip was the BA strike when i got to london. which made my Manchester flight interesting.


Not such airline as Quantas

No such grammatically correct sentence as "Not such airline as Quantas".

Was the airline not Quantas a while back? Queensland And Northern Territories Air Services? Just showing my age, I suppose!
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