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Posted 20 April 2023

Q930B Samsung Q Simphony 9.1.4ch Cinematic Dolby Atmos Soundbar £539.40 @ Samsung EPP

£539.40£89940% off
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  1. K2TBA's avatar
    No 4k 120hz passthrough...
    Alex_H's avatar
    Nope and it's only got 1 hdmi too. I just bought an automated 4 port splitter but I'm only connecting 4k 60hz sources.
  2. obsydian's avatar
    What's the difference the version ending with a C
    Shaftydude's avatar
    This is 930b 2022 model, 990b is 2022 premium model and c just came out being the 2023 model.

    The changes from 930b to to 990b were ascetics and better sub, no cloth and wireless connections better thought out. Also changed the location of the display to the front.

    990b to C is even less of an improvement, more software side I hear.

    Updated info.

    Its crazy that samsung released 3 high end subs in the space of 10 months. (edited)
  3. Matholwch's avatar
    Mine's arrived, it doesn't come with the rear 'hub', only the 2 satallites, soundbar and sub.
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    One in the pic is a different model; I believe the hub helped with the wireless link, but no longer required on newer models.

    I think it's a Q910b; the Q930B you got will be a far better system (edited)
  4. Wiskaa's avatar
    How does this compare to a Sonos Arc or Bose Soundbar 900 setup? Looks like you get a lot for the price here.
    Shaftydude's avatar
    As good, and for 1/3rd the price. Its a steal.
  5. BrianHalligan's avatar
    I've the Q950 an sounds exceptional...only issue is readout screen on top of it so purchased as prism from Amazon
    BrianHalligan's avatar
  6. sheffield788's avatar
    I said before this price is ok-ish and probably the best now.
    However, I was not expecting this to reach near 1000 hot. This deal was posted in Dec for £375 and got about 600 hot. Was posted in Feb for £410-440, got about 500 heat.
    Clearly some people have not noticed these deals. The more heat it gets, the more visible is the deal and the crowd follows the votes. I believe it deserves some heat, but I'm happy for those who managed to grab this in Dec and Feb for a much better price. To me, the price in Feb was the most realistic for what you get, and the one in Dec was a bargain. This price...is just OK-ish IMO.
    MrA92's avatar
    Got the same sort of feeling. I think i’ll hang fire for a real deal to pop up as it’s not something I desperately need
  7. Jawz's avatar
    Are soundbars actually any good or just a fad?
    I have a Sony DVD 5.1 Surround from about 20 years ago. This still sounds awesome because the speakers are set up as surround.

    Do these actually project good surround or best to just avoid and stick to dedicated speakers?
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    True surround sound can only come from a true surround sound system positioned in the room; however, recently, soundbars have come so far in "imitating" that it's now near impossible for most mear mortals to hear the difference. I had a Yamaha surround sound system and replaced it with a relatively inexpensive Samsung soundbar about 5 years back because I shuffled my room around, and didn't want to bother with the wires. There was a drop in emersion for me; I've just upgraded to a Q990B which is one of the best-rated soundbars on the market, and I think it beats all but the very best surround sound systems and on the market. I've rewatched dozens of movies again because of the true feeling of emersion I have not felt in the living room; Dolby Atmos with this thing... wow! Of course, two additional rear speakers help.

    I think if you are interested, you should contact your local RicherSounds store - they'll set up a room for you to hear a sound bar of your choice, which is what I did before investing in the Q990B (edited)
  8. lkl265's avatar
    If anyone is after a pair of speaker stands for the rear speakers, I can recommend these. I have been using them for a few weeks and no issues.
    sheffield788's avatar
    That's a reasonable price.
  9. sheffield788's avatar
    Decent price, we can't go back in time when this was £375-450. Pleased with mine but I would not pay more than £450 for it. (edited)
    Dusty666's avatar
    Ive just paid £614 fron Ebay and think its well worth that so would definitely pay this reduced price. Wish I'd waited 3 days as mine has only just been delivered on Tuesday.
  10. MarkToTheMax's avatar
    Does this work well for PS5/Xbox? Everyone is complaining about the 930C being awful for them
    Josh99's avatar
    No issues, with HDMI ARC or eARC everything that plays sound from the TV will play through the soundbar. I wouldn't connect anything directly to the sound bar.

    5.1 works as it should on my PS5, you might need to set it to 5.1. in the audio settings

    5.1 even works flawlessly on my PC, even on games from 15 years ago (edited)
  11. bashi's avatar
    I bought this when it was £375,
    It's pretty good. I ended up selling my 5.1 AV system, as having wires around the living room wasn't practical, and to upgrade my 5.1 to Atmos was going to cost me a fair bit. This this was the cheapest way to get Atmos and a slightly improved sound system. For music, it isn't the best, but luckily I don't listen to music on it.

    My 5.1 speaker is did provide a slightly richer sound, but these are quite comparable.

    I have paired it with a Samsung TV so it's works pretty well, Q-symphony etc.
    mrjulzmr's avatar
    Any idea if these won't sound as special connected to an LG C2? I'm guessing q-symphony won't work?
  12. B84's avatar
    Does this model have to be used with the rears or can you change settings to use the speakers on the sound bar for atmos like effect as my lounge is very small ..I was looking at q800b but this seems better value if I could sell the rears
    sheffield788's avatar
    I've got the 2021 q700 model no rears. I nearly returned it, I didn't see much difference in between that model and a cheap soundbar. It has Dolby atmos but cannot be compared with proper Dolby Atmos systems. I've added the rears and the experience was much better. Eventually I've sold the whole system for £350 and purchased this one for £375. Wise choice, this is better. I see no point getting a Dolby Atmos soundbar without rears, better buy a cheaper one without Dolby Atmos if you don't want rears. Regardless the size of your room, the rear speakers kick in only for ambient sound, special effects, etc.
  13. fishface's avatar
    try playing break thru by queen on you tube with this bar it will check every possible speaker
  14. n0chex's avatar
    Yes the cashback was 50% off the price which then the 930b was selling for £750 so £375 so £539 still sounds expensive to me if I'm honest.

    The Samsung 990b is £874 Amazon and some other online retailers like Smiths & Martin Dawes. (edited)
    sheffield788's avatar
    I posted the deal, it was not 50% off cashback. But yes, with 25% Facebook discount and £300 cashback, the final price was about 50% off. As you can see below, the RRP at the time was over £800.
    50022993-hJWw2.jpg (edited)
  15. Bella_Ciao's avatar
    What is everyone's experience with Q-Symphony? Is it worth changing the TV for?
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    I had an example laid on at a RicherSound with Q990B alongside a Samsung S95B2.

    I couldn't tell a massive difference with the Q-Symphony enabled on the S95B, and any minor changes were highlighted by the small room it was in, so likely nominal in a larger room; the salesman even suggested it was not its most significant selling point, and that the range of the soundbar with rear speakers meant that very little would be interpreted with the TV speakers.

    The TV was fantastic, but I ended up with an LG C2 with the Q990B, and I can honestly say I can't see how it could be improved.
  16. ncisgreat's avatar
    Is this deal for this sound bar only or other soundbars too?
    Matholwch's avatar
    There were other reductions, but they were only about £200 off and still not competitve with other online retailers.
    This was the best offer of the bunch.
  17. teka2's avatar
    This or Yamaha YHT1840 & 5.1 Speaker Package ?
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    It largely depends on if you are willing to deal with wires; the Yamaha will offer true surround sound, although that difference isn't as big as it used to be, and I find my Samsung Q system to be fantastic.

    YHT1840 doesn't support Dolby Atmos; after hearing movies with Atmos, that would be something I would miss immensely
  18. Zooicidal's avatar
    The stands mrjurlzmr went for look like rebranded ones of the Amazon Eono stands (or maybe the Amazon ones are the rebrand lol) if so then they are great. I have my rear speakers on a pair just now, easy to put together and the cable goes through the stand albeit with a bit of persistence and lots of wiggling. At their lowest position and if your chair/couch is a low sitting one then they put the speakers at ear height, then obviously they can be raised if need be.

    The cables are standard Figure 8 C7. I used a pair from Sonos speakers which fit fine but there are loads of cheap ones of varying length on Amazon, eBay etc and I'd imagine any with a right angled connector would be fine. Speaking of which I need to get another one for the sub.
  19. cguk95's avatar
    I just purchased the Q800B yesterday for £455 Curry’s grade A refurb. Not sure if I should refund that to buy this? (edited)
    Josh99's avatar
  20. Bluediamond28's avatar
    £30 Amazon Gift card voucher for orders over £300 on vouchercodes too but today only.
    unasistent's avatar
    Cant see it
  21. WandererWill's avatar
    I’ve been toying with buying the Sonos Arc the past couple of days but have gone for this instead. Appealing to get the full setup for less than the Arc alone.

    I’ve also jumped on the LG C1 deal from yesterday (available at the now expired price still if you have a Corporate Programme that also supports Marks Electrical, as I do).

    Looking forward to the new setup all arriving on Sunday. 
  22. lkl265's avatar
    Bought this last month for £409 (£709 less £300 cashback). Sounds brilliant.
  23. mrjulzmr's avatar
    Well after having a think and encouragement from a few of you Samsung reps 😜 above, I bit the bullet and ordered for £539.40!!
  24. tjc2005's avatar
    This is really good for the money
    Yakkyda's avatar
    Have you had a chance to hear it? Got any more information?
  25. 5Rivers79's avatar
    For a moment I thought it was the 990b
  26. Dusty666's avatar
    I think they have added a wrong picture. There are 2 speakers a sub and one remote. I dontknow what that extra thing is. I did not add that picure when i posted it. Will the moderators remove this image as its incorrect. (edited)
    Zooicidal's avatar
    You're right, that pic is of the q910b which is a much inferior bar. The extra box btw is what makes the surround speakers "wireless" on that one, the box itself is wireless then the speakers have to be wired to it.
  27. Dusty666's avatar
    Just got alexa working on mine and it sound stunning playing various DAB radio stations. Well happy with this bar.
    ThermalRider's avatar
    Please tell me how you play DAB stations? Do you have a separate DAB receiver or is it built in? Thanks
  28. donotneed's avatar
    Just because it was down to a ridiculous 375 after cashback with a double discount does not mean this is expensive at 539.

    Bargain for a complete atmos system, if you are in the market then bite
    sheffield788's avatar
    I've got it for £375. I posted that deal and another one a month later, for about £450.
    The fact this one was cheaper does not influence my opinion at all. I have it, I like it, it was a good buy for me, but personally, I think is worth about £400-450.
  29. powerbrick's avatar
    Same via Totum.
    Flowjo's avatar
    Tried to find on Totum app but can't see it
  30. ianhn3's avatar
    Waiting on my cash back from Samsung. Will take price down to £479
    gopolog86's avatar
    Yeah same for me, knock mine down to £469, best I seen was after cashback was £400!!
  31. rrkjk's avatar
    How is the connectivity on these? Been looking at it but not interested if the rears drop out - can any owners comment?
    Josh99's avatar
    Haven't had any drop outs at all including the rear speakers, using Samsung QN95A tv

    Had the soundbor since late last year (edited)
  32. andrewspnc's avatar
    How does a layman like me buy this at this price? You need to be part of the partner / employee discount scheme or something?
    gg1pl's avatar
  33. leeoook's avatar
    Am not sure there is a cashback its outdated March Expired ? am not sure anyone know ?
  34. n0chex's avatar
    "was" 50% last month but now expired
  35. mattturner756's avatar
    I've got a Q90T from a few years back - remember something about arc not working with 4k content or something? Anyone know?
  36. Peter_Truong's avatar
    I got perks at work I logged in but cant find deal
  37. Peter_Truong's avatar
    Can anyone confirm of this works with perks at work ?
    spendHot's avatar
    this is perks at work offer only. not available directly(£899).
  38. anharone's avatar
    Wow. That looks amazing.
  39. MrSnitch's avatar
  40. unasistent's avatar
    Hmmm...q950a in living...should i add this on bedroom,?...hmmm.decisuons...is worth it at his price?..899 on samsung but with bluecard can have it for 539
's avatar