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Cheap Qantas flights from Heathrow
Found 3rd Apr 2016Found 3rd Apr 2016
Cheap Qantas flights from Heathrow
Dubai - £352 Melbourne - £615 Perth - £618 Sydney - £677 There are more but uploading from mobile Offer has limited dates for flights Expires April 5th
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And a potential £100 cashback if you use your Amex card


Loool too funny


Wow that was really funny.


Australia? Are those return flight prices? I'm looking for a one way for my wife!

90 Hour Sale @ Quantas
Found 23rd Nov 2010Found 23rd Nov 2010
90 Hour Sale @ Quantas
Heathrow to Perth from £590 return Heathrow to Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Sydney, Queenstown, Adelaide, Melbourne from £690 return *don't forget cash back from Quidco 2% … Read more
Q - Deals from Quantas: return from LHR to HKG from £483 + 2% Quidco
Found 1st Sep 2010Found 1st Sep 2010
Q - Deals from Quantas: return from LHR to HKG from £483 + 2% Quidco
Other destinations also included in the deal.

Was the airline not Quantas a while back? Queensland And Northern Territories Air Services? Just showing my age, I suppose! :p


No such grammatically correct sentence as "Not such airline as Quantas".


V Good price, great service, but only downside is the return flight times. I flew this once during a a business trip to hkg. Company extended my stay and got me a return flight with quantas. Down side is that I had to get up real early for a 6am ish flight so was up for 4am to check out early so no breakfast. Nothing was open in the airport. The flight itself was good with good service food was actually edible unlike air france, (air hotess were nice and friendly and good with drinks). The downside to the trip was the BA strike when i got to london. which made my Manchester flight interesting.


I think he means Qantas and its not too bad but not for me as its from LHR and it cheaper for me to fly with Qatar from MAN (by the time i add my time and cost of travel to LHR)


Not such airline as Quantas

Qantas Sale, Fly to Australia from £499
Found 22nd May 2009Found 22nd May 2009
Qantas Sale, Fly to Australia from £499
This just dropped into my inbox:- From the Travelzoo Newsdesk: LONDON--22 May, 2009-- Qantas has just released a super-hot fare sale, offering economy flights down under from as … Read more

Surely the Aussies aren't all that bad? :-D


Gr8 find... Shame my mrs wont go....she scared of them stupid green creatures lol

Flights to Hong Kong from £283 with Qantas
Found 6th Mar 2009Found 6th Mar 2009
Flights to Hong Kong from £283 with Qantas
There are some really cheap flight deals to Hong Kong at the moment. Virgin and Air New Zealand have already got current deals going but at around the £320-£350 mark. Using Orbitz,… Read more

any gd deals for going to hong kong in july?


The dates from my original post have pretty much gone. There are still a few dates around ... 26th May to 4th June? Pricing at around £272 on Orbitz (cheaper than my post ... but there are very few dates available at this price).


I can't see the flights for £ i looking in the wrong place?


I'dbe interested in site link as my ex wants me and kids to fly out to Shanghai in the next couple of months for him to see kids (He works a lot and is constantly on call and kids are 3 and 4 so he needs me there so I get free holiday)...I'd be looking for a fewmonths duration though, with potential to change return flight, and also to fly from Scotland down to LHR as think thats probably cheapest option - he will be paying....Cjeers for any info!


good deal! I use HKG as my hub to MNL as i fly with CP or PAL for

Qantas 2-for-1 flights offer (pay taxes & surcharges for both) e.g. LHR - SYD from £977 for 2
Found 15th Nov 2008Found 15th Nov 2008
Qantas 2-for-1 flights offer (pay taxes & surcharges for both) e.g. LHR - SYD from £977 for 2
For 3 days only! Book amazing deals for 2 on selected Qantas International airfares. Deals available for Economy, Premium Economy (where available), Business and First class. This… Read more
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now the sale has finished i re checked the prices and the trip that i paid £650pp is now £900pp !!!!!!!


Thanks to this deal we have changed our honeymoon destination, at this price it would be rude not to.


Can't thank you enough for this deal. We are going to Sydney in May for a friends birthday and have just booked the both of us for £976. For all the tat and useless stuff that this site has made me buy, it just made up for it with the savings there. Cheers! :)


Excellent deals, just got flights to Perth then Sydney for £1100 for me and the wife, we thought it would be that much each! Well worth bringing our holiday forward by 6 months! Many thanks to the poster, legend.


Feb - March is Summer = £££

Fly to Sydney from only £380 on the Qantas A380
Found 16th Jun 2008Found 16th Jun 2008
Fly to Sydney from only £380 on the Qantas A380
To introduce the A380 Qantas is offering a flight to Sydney from £380 inclusive of taxes and fees, available for travel between 18 March and 30 April 2009. Hurry, this offer is li… Read more

Damm this was hot and I missed it :(


THere were 4000 seats in total.. (I assume the rest were for other parts of the world). All sold out. (I phoned and verified this). Would have been a great deal :( Needs expiring


double decker jumbo jet! flew back from Singapore in one and it was great - brand new, so no one had time to scrawl their names in the toilets (which there were heaps of!) Hot deal!


total return £ 745 .


same here