QED QONTOUR ULTRA FLAT (1mm) Speaker Cable (p/m) only £1.60 delivered @ HiFix

QED QONTOUR ULTRA FLAT (1mm) Speaker Cable (p/m) only £1.60 delivered @ HiFix

Found 15th Jul 2010
A good quality flat cable that's ideal for running under carpets from a quality manufacturer unlike "cough cough-Onkyo-cough cough". Average price elsewhere = £2.25.

Qontour Ultra-Flat loudspeaker cable offers great sound quality in an amazingly versatile format. With a depth of only 1mm and the use of multiple solid core 99.999% OFC conductors in a flexible PVC dielectric, Ultra-Flat can be folded - even through 90 degrees! – and remain in place.
This is ideal when it comes to running cables to five speakers in various parts of a room. Around corners, Under carpets - no problem for Ultra-Flat.



just wait the plank who says....bell wire is only 99p for 1 mile @ netto or lidl

Naw, 3 core 30 Amp mains cable is what you need! ;-)

I did actually use the 30 Amp mains call when I was a student (very long time ago) and it was not bad. Difficult to attach to the speaker terminals though.

30 Amp mains cable ain't flat though is it so has no relevance to this deal whatsoever!
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