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Powermat Portable Charging Docking Mat @ Ebay through fonetrading
Found 27th Feb 2013Found 27th Feb 2013
Powermat Portable Charging Docking Mat @ Ebay through fonetrading
With Powermat you can skip the hassle and tangle of cords. Now you can simply set your device down to charge. And because it’s so easy to charge, your phone tends to stay charged s… Read more
16 Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit Set Pin & Back Remover £5.10 delivered @ Qfonic
Found 13th Jan 2011Found 13th Jan 2011
16 Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit Set Pin & Back Remover £5.10 delivered @ Qfonic
Handy little kit to have. If used correctly this tool set will save you money and give new life to your abandoned watches. Large clear pics added on next post. Posted this set las… Read more
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And i have taken out a bracelet link in a Rotary and i can wear it again. I cut my finger but it was user error lol


Mine arrived a couple of days ago. Already have the back off of one watch, just need to buy a replacement battery. Will probably have paid for itself on its first use. :)


Ha ha i posted the deal and i am still waiting for mine. :D


Received mine too. Thanks.


Received mine today. Nice fast delivery! I couldn't believe it when my wife got charged 10 quid to adjust the stap on the watch I bought for her at Christmas. That wont happen again.

XBOX 360 Headset £4.99 @ QFonic
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
XBOX 360 Headset £4.99 @ QFonic
Record and leave short voice messages for friends or family through the free Xbox Live Message Service or connect with buddies online using the headset in place of the phone. Micr… Read more

No worries. You dont to be sorry for voting cold. I dont buy every deal I post but its good to get feedback on quality of the product that i have posted.


DO NOT BUY waste of money bought a pair lasted 2 days opened the and wires were solderd worse than a 4 yearolds attempt...very cold sorry


Ordered - thanks! ;)


Headphones look ok to me. Ive got a spare pair that I got from china. They were cheaper but not as good quality. These look quite good to me. If yo can pay via paypal then youre ok.


Both, I should have said, sorry haha lol

17 Piece Watch Repair Kit £4.99 @ Qfonic
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
17 Piece Watch Repair Kit £4.99 @ Qfonic
17 Piece Watch Repair Kit Multi Horologie Tool Set This bonus set, not available anywhere else. * 100% Brand New * Watch strap link pin removal tool * 3 Link Punch Tool * Double … Read more

Don't get why this is a 17 piece set, when there are 16 tools.


Link for anyone needing a closer look at the tools in this set (i think its the same). Dont know whether the explanation is good enough, but certainly more helpful than just guessing if you dont know anything about this stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-uvpDCN-j8


I think I'll be needing this for the family, you usually only get 'free' adjustment to watch straps from the shop you purchased from. One drawback to buying watches online....Hopefully not an issue anymore having purchased this nifty bit of kit; Hope it comes with instructions. Thanks OP. Update 23/11/2010 - Received mine today (3 days after ordering), and no, the pack does not come with INSTRUCTIONS! Can just about fathom some of the unusual tools out; unusual springed mini wrench, which I used to finish off driving a link pin back in place. What's with the brass thing with two black plastic dibbles? Is it for Casio type watches?


Thanks mosskeeto. The only recess I can see is the one for the spindle which I align but still no go. Beginning to suspect the "O" ring has lost its elasticity and needs replacing but will wait and see if one of the 17 tools is the answer. Great find OP, heat added!


I had one like that, it would not go back on until I found a small plastic recess in the case that lined up with the tiniest bump on the case...

Madcatz Street Fighter IV Round 2 Fight Stick Tournament XBOX360 £69.95 @ QFonic
Found 9th Jun 2010Found 9th Jun 2010
Madcatz Street Fighter IV Round 2 Fight Stick Tournament XBOX360 £69.95 @ QFonic
Ordered yesterday noon and came this morning. Really well packaged too. Outer box was the size of a pc box!

This is hot, £5 cheaper than at ShopTo.net


wow outstanding price for this stick, it's the new version too this cost the same price as the SE! free delivery is a bonus, these ******s come in nice display box.

Jentro GPS4now Bluetooth GPS Receiver £8.94 delivered @ Qfonic
Found 28th Mar 2010Found 28th Mar 2010
Jentro GPS4now Bluetooth GPS Receiver £8.94 delivered @ Qfonic
This deal was posted here at 9.19 pounds: https://www.hotukdeals.com/tag/deal/624570/jentro-gps4now-bluetooth-gps-receiv The prices is now reduced to 8.94 pounds. It is a deal for… Read more

device is a joke - wish I'd seen this forum before. Doesn't charge as indicated. Not recogmised as a bluetooth device, on -off switch doesn't work at all, no power unless plugged in to charger. A complete waste of money


After pairing the GPS receiver with your Nokia 5530 and setting it to connect automatically via bluetooth, go to (MENU) - (APPLICATIONS) - (LOCATION) - (POSITIONING) - (POSITIONING METHODS) - (BLUETOOTH GPS) It will now work when you go into ovi maps :thumbsup:


Can't add any heat but this is fantastic - been idly thinking about getting one of these for months and checking eBay every so often. As it's Bluetooth it shouldn't matter that it's not really pocket-sized - should be able to keep it in my bag where my phone can still reach it. Looking forward to NOT GETTING LOST in new cities any more! And possibly using a shouty satnav on my bike. Brilliant. Cheaper than an A-Z or bunch of printed maps for every new place I visit.


on mine blue tooth light is keep flashing and device turns off after a minute or so passkey is 0000. GPS signal light becomes solid it does not sync with my nokia 5530. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


OK - thanks for the reply. I was thinking of placing the notebook on the passenger seat and then simply following the voice directions with an occasional quick glance at the screen i.e. not placing it on the dashboard as that would obviously be illegal (and silly). Other posters have given a few good tips for compatible software so I'm guessing that other people have used it in this way - I think this would be a good back up solution for a "normal" satnav.

17 Piece Watch Repair Kit (free delivery) £6.07 @ Qfonic
Found 18th Mar 2010Found 18th Mar 2010
17 Piece Watch Repair Kit (free delivery) £6.07 @ Qfonic
I got it a few months ago. Good tools, no problems with Qfonic, fast delivery... Recommended. I am able to adjust my and my friends and family's watches strap links easy easy. La… Read more

Yes it will got one of these and done loads of watches. You just have to be careful


OR use a 2 pin properly and it will be fine, i've never had any problems:whistling:


hope these help to sort the confusion... ]http://www.jewellersequipment.co.uk/item.jaxa.html ]http://www.directwatchaccessories.com/waterproof-watch-case-back-opening-tool-3-jaxa-pin-type-131-p.asp


No it won't......well it will if your happy chewing the back of your watch to pieces as ALL, and I do mean all, screw back cases are designed around a three pin pattern. This means that trying to use the pathetic thing included in these sets causes more damage than enough. The other bits do the job but this particular tool is naff...don't buy the set if this is all you want simply buy the proper wrench.


lots of these at the moment

Jentro GPS4now Bluetooth GPS Receiver £8.95 Delivered @ Qfonic
Found 3rd Mar 2010Found 3rd Mar 2010
Jentro GPS4now Bluetooth GPS Receiver £8.95 Delivered @ Qfonic
Compatible with PDAs, phones, and laptops, the GPS4now Bluetooth GPS receiver packs a sensitive SiRF Star III chip for great performance in difficult conditions. Small and lightwe… Read more

The last beta version went live as Ovi maps version 3.04 on the 20th. see:- http://betalabs.nokia.com/apps/ovi-maps-beta-for-mobile You can download v3.04 for the 5800 here, although I wouln't know if it will install and work on a 5530 :- http://www.nokia.co.uk/services-and-apps/ovi-maps/downloads?intc=ncomexpserv-fw-ilc-lft-con-na-ncomexpserv-gb-20-getfreenavigationleft_0x0#/nokia-5800-xpressmusic/


:-( I've had the same problem, keep getting redirected to Nokia store. Can you post a link to the beta version please. Did you have to uninstall the 5530 version or did it just upgrade? also was the beta install over the net on the phone or via Nokia PC Suite?


I have this GPS 4 Now too and I my nokia says it is paired but the pairing light on the GPS is still flashing. Nokia says it has the up to date software and the GPS vendor is saying it is becuase Nokia looks for a UK GOS and not a German one. The German is saying Nokia should be able to help but Nokia says there are no Bluetooth settings which are specific to a country. I am a bit pished off - anybody any ideas?


Any idea what the update rate is on this? Looking for one to go with the HTC desire but I want one quicker than 1hz Edit: Nevermind it's 1hz.


I've just purchased this gps unit and am now dissapointed I didn't check for MacBook compatibility first!! unless something turns up to help the two work together then we'll be stuck with using bootcamp, parallels or vmWare fusion etc to run windows :oops: good job macs can run multiple OS' :thumbsup:

Exakt Saw £69.95 delivered @ Qfonic
Found 29th Dec 2009Found 29th Dec 2009
Exakt Saw £69.95 delivered @ Qfonic
Love DIY? Then you need Exakt Saw from JML a patented revolution in home renovation and hobbies! Forget hand saws, jigsaws and circular saws; theyre too bulky, heavy and can be da… Read more

new with 12month warranty under £52 delivered via a company trading on a well-known auction site.


:xI bought oner of these THINGS and is hopeless at cutting ceramic tiles and very awkward to use as you have to hold the on off trigger all the time

Uniross X-Press 700 Slim Charger - £7.49 includes 4 x AA 2500mAh Batteries @ Qfonic
Found 6th Dec 2009Found 6th Dec 2009
Uniross X-Press 700 Slim Charger - £7.49 includes 4 x AA 2500mAh Batteries @ Qfonic
X-Press 700 Slim Charger with 4xAA 2500mAh Batteries. Features: * Includes 4 x 2500mAh Ni-Mh AA's * Charges AAA,AA Size Batteries * Full Charge in about 4 hours *… Read more

good you are saved....I bought this one last year.....batteries are excellent but charger only charges for 15mins and shows charge is full...I am using lidl multi charger which is excellent.


Out of stock now.


Good price. That's what I paid in Homebase when they were clearing these out about 8 months ago. It's a proper microprocessor controlled charger, not a timer one but can only charge either 2 or 4 batteries at a time and you have to tell it how many with a small slider switch. Megamart.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Xbox 360 Headset £34.99 Delivered @ Qfonic
Found 25th Nov 2009Found 25th Nov 2009
Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Xbox 360 Headset £34.99 Delivered @ Qfonic
The Ear Force X1 Xbox 360 Stereo Headset's integrated design overcomes the limitation of Xbox communicator headsets that block game sound from one ear and eliminates voice chat int… Read more

I emailed them and they said that the headset should be back in stock at the end of next week.


out of stock


y would you use that? its just overpriced crap for retarded people who think they are pro at games... oh i fink i answered my own question.:-D ON TOPIC! Ive had a pair of these for about a month now and i must say that i thought i got a bargin when i got em (£39.99 shopto) cos there great for games like CODMW2 and GoW and Halo so on. an they work on my PC to which is great for Counter Strike Source. all in all amazing Deal! HOOOOT!


i use this http://www.astrogaming.co.uk/products.asp?id=2668 i love it


great price

INCIPIO Feather Case for iPhone 3G - Black/Red.  £9.95 Delivered @ Qfonic
Found 18th Nov 2009Found 18th Nov 2009
INCIPIO Feather Case for iPhone 3G - Black/Red. £9.95 Delivered @ Qfonic
Posted a month ago at 10.95 and cheaper still now. Measuring less than 1mm thin, Feather is ideal for the iPhone user seeking inconspicuous, first-class protection. Feather is mad… Read more

Thanks, have added the link to description


[COLOR="Red"]RED [/COLOR]same price http://www.qfonic.com/incipio-feather-case-for-iphone-red-p-3929.html


Great cases, hardly add any bulk unlike others. great price,tad cheaper that what I got mine for on ebay. Heat added


Great case. Bought one from Amazon 2 weeks ago for £10.06 delivered. Best iphone case out there. IMO


Tasty Case :thumbsup:

Rare Case-Mate Credit Card ID Case For iPhone 3G / 3GS - Free Del £17.99 @ Qfonic
Found 22nd Oct 2009Found 22nd Oct 2009
Rare Case-Mate Credit Card ID Case For iPhone 3G / 3GS - Free Del £17.99 @ Qfonic
Black / Green / Pink / Purple / Royal Blue / Royal Green / Royal Red / Silver - All In Stock! Order before 3pm for same day dispatch! More pics below...... Rare Case with 5* revi… Read more
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They Just Emailed Me Saying Its Not In Stock And Im Being Refunded !! Grrrrrrrrr


Yeah i agree that they can probably do anything these days, but i love the idea of this case, its perfect for me and i cant wait to get it :thumbsup:


I think it's still possible for crooks to buy stuff online without the pin code - I did this in America, where I ordered and paid, and where PIN codes aren't used like here. I should add, that I used my own card to buy stuff (not a nicked one), and got it delivered to an American address, even though my cards british and I live here and not there. Also went to the pictures and bought other stuff. There's still some slack credit card 'security' around. In the US too, they rarely check your signature even, it's sloppy. With the age of credit card numbers being sold on the internet, it's possible that a card stolen one minute in the UK could be buying diamonds a few minutes later across the world. Even with chip and pin, still keep your card safe, and don't just trust the banks to keep all secure. Though once you report it stolen, if you haven't been negligable etc, then they are responsible for losses.


I've got a mobile that fits in a fag packet, with my cards, so it they steal the phone, they get a free smoke and a shopping trip:-D


My mum said that :oops: If i do then i lose my debit card... No one knows my pin. No one knows my address etc. I dont store any info like that on my phone and with the cards being inside my phone case i dont have anything that i would lose - It fits nicely in one hand! Phone in one - Keys in the other!

INCIPIO High Quality Feather Case for iPhone 3G and 3GS - Black - ONLY £10.95 Delivered @ Qfonic!
Found 22nd Oct 2009Found 22nd Oct 2009
INCIPIO High Quality Feather Case for iPhone 3G and 3GS - Black - ONLY £10.95 Delivered @ Qfonic!
Previous cheapest was £12.41 delivered at Amazon a few weeks ago... In my opinion, this is the best scratch protection case available for iphone, and adds virtually no weight or b… Read more

On drop proof cases, I have an otterbox defender which was under £8 on fleabay. After seeing somebody throw it out of a 2nd storey window onto concrete, without damage, I was convinced (see youtube). It is black and has a rubber outer and is pretty bulky, but offers almost 100% protection. A bargain too!


It's been reduced to £9.95 free delivery for today only Heat added


says they are now £9.95, so even cheaper :)


I've used an iluv iphone case for about 4 months now. Droppped my phone at least three times and its protected it brilliantly.


Can anyone recommend a drop protective ipod case? Ideally something rubber and black

Griffin Aircurve Amplifier and Docking Station for iPhone 3G £9.95 DELIVERED @ Qfonic
Found 9th Sep 2009Found 9th Sep 2009
Griffin Aircurve Amplifier and Docking Station for iPhone 3G £9.95 DELIVERED @ Qfonic
CHEAPEST ANYWHERE NOT UNLESS U HAVE A M8 CALLED DAVE WHO CAN GET THEM CHEAPER. Features Acoustically amplifies your iPhone Custom-engineered waveguide requires no power Allows syn… Read more

Yeah, but Viggy_Value said that iPhone on silent means the alarm is silent, which is not the case..not with my 3G anyway.


Thats the first gen iphone pic!


when i turn my iphone on silent mode the alarm never go silent!


Nope not true, alarm WILL work if the phone is on silent :thumbsup:


I bought one of these a few months ago, thought it would come in handy for BBQ's..... Anyway, it's a bit of a waste of time to be honest. It looks nice but thats about it. The sound quality is crap, if too loud then it's muffled. Suppose it's alright for a tenner (I paid about £12.50 about 4 month ago) if you want to put it in the bathroom as someone suggested. Be warned though, don't expect to use this instead of some speakers.

Aeroplane Headphone Adaptor - "Never buy in flight headphones again!" - £2.95 Delivered @ Qfonic
Found 5th Aug 2009Found 5th Aug 2009
I'm hopefully going to grab a last minute holiday deal soon, and this little gadget will come in very handy! I always find plugging in your normal headphones into the 2 socket plug… Read more
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It's just a small, cheap little adaptor that may help or benefit someone during or before going on holiday. It may not be amongst all the other problems in the world, just like automatic can openers, ipod cases, fridge stickers, wheelie bin art. It's all made for people to buy if they damn well want to and will enjoy using it.


loooooooooooool......Now thats what I call a bargain, I hope the adaptor works fine.....I've never had to pay for headphones on a flight, and I've travelled quite abit..Head Phones that they provide work fantasticaly, if I ever do have a problem I'll just ask for more. I didnt know this was amongst the millions of other Problems in the world.


Obviously each flight operator varies, but every single flight I have been on required a purchase of standard in flight headphones of around £2. They were plastic big chunky earclip things which were terrible, so for £2.95 delivered to my door I can enjoy my own headphones that I wear all the time on my flight. Cold too some it seems, (a stonking BAD cold score atm?! jeez I didn't think it was that bad!) but hot to those who can use it and benefit. I've never been offered the adapter on a flight ever, and the only ones i saw in poundland were 2 headphone splitter adaptors that look similar. Hope some of you make use of it!


every flight i have been on except virgin i have had to buy headphones i think they charge £3.00 per set


also, any in-flight headset i have been given always has a detachable adapter. so you can always use your own headphones with the airlines adapter

Insect Fly Killer/Zapper with UV Lamp - Buy 1 Get 1 Free £11.95 @ Qfonic
Found 30th Jun 2009Found 30th Jun 2009
Insect Fly Killer/Zapper with UV Lamp - Buy 1 Get 1 Free £11.95 @ Qfonic
Since the heat it seems them pesky flys are coming into my room and annoying me. Buy 1 get 1 free deal so really £6 each. Free delivery so just split the cost with a mate. Note: … Read more
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I bought 2 last year - total waste of money


if you want to sell it for £6 + 2£ p+p i would be happy to buy it :)


Damn, why couldn't you have said all that before I went and ordered one!


Voted hot because of price........... but, Bought these on bogof from robert dyas last year and turned out to be a complete waste of time, you think your getting a mini version of what you see in bakery shops and butchers, but what you actually get is is a dim blue light which enables the flies and bugs to see where they are going at night:) I'd give it 1 out 10, the most useful thing is the plug, you can cut it off and use it for something else in answer to the question above thay stand approx 10inch high


My dad once gave me one of these,and i soon realised why.It wasn't up to much useless in fact

MadCatz SFIV Fightstick TE for PS3 £99.99 + Free Delivery @ Qfonic as well!
Found 25th Jun 2009Found 25th Jun 2009
MadCatz SFIV Fightstick TE for PS3 £99.99 + Free Delivery @ Qfonic as well!
As stated on the website: * Authentic Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi joystick & buttons * Premium-quality components with genuine arcade look and feel * 8-button … Read more
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I think you'll find it's the exact same thing, the "OFFICIAL" version is made by MadCatz :thumbsup:


You mean this one? http://www.play.com/Games/PlayStation3/4-/8708487/Street-Fighter-IV-Premium-PS3-FightStick-Arcade-Controller-Tournament-Edition/Product.html £149.99 on my screen...


You can get the OFFICIAL version for £99 from Play.com so cold.

Griffin Aircurve Amplifier and Docking Station for iPhone 3G £9.99 @Qfonic FREE DELIVERY
Found 24th Jun 2009Found 24th Jun 2009
Griffin Aircurve Amplifier and Docking Station for iPhone 3G £9.99 @Qfonic FREE DELIVERY
Just noticed this after spending £11.50 on it in ebay (literally 5 mins ago) Im going to be cheeky and pinch edi's old description and a previous thread for this product at £15 (h… Read more

Poundland have USB ipod/iphone sync cables for.... erm... a pound! I havent had a problem with heat issues, I have the original cable but this is handy as it's retractable. Back onto the stand.... how is it? does it do what it says on the tin? I am especially interested if it works well as a hands free speakerphone as nobody can hear me as it is, I have to hold it close to my mouth which defeats the object! (for the record I have 4 - an ipod nano, ipod 80gig video, ipod touch & an iphone - I don't need them all just too lazy to sell the old ones - is it my turn for a pointless slagging off?)


That's okay Krato managed to buy 8.


It appears they have upped the price. Its £11.95 now :x


I have an iPhone, and 2 older ipods look at me im rich *pff* ridiculous! they're not even that expensive, you can pick certain ipods up for £30 now! Some bloody childish people on here lately! I think most people have bought more than one ipod/iphone and that's why LotusJas was asking why you need to buy extras, if most people have more than one cable anyway... Back to the original topic, theres a guy on ebay who sells them for £0.80 or so including delivery, that's where I get mine- would just reccomend the original though based on personal experience.


Am i missing something is there a voucher code? Becaus it comes up at £11.50 for me?

1 x Navicore Personal UK 2006/1 Bluetooth GPS Receiver & Software NOW £15.28 FREE DELIVERY
Found 20th May 2009Found 20th May 2009
1 x Navicore Personal UK 2006/1 Bluetooth GPS Receiver & Software NOW £15.28 FREE DELIVERY
I got this months back when it was £24.95....but recently got a N73 for my dad and he wanted the TomTom on it....so i redirected him to the qfonic site....and behold its gone down … Read more
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Thanks to the OP for this thread. I've just purchased this neat little GPS receiver to fulfill a work requirement that has unexpectedly arisen over the last week. The unit was ordered online and delivered the next day. A few points that might help others. Software came in two versions :- 1. On a RS-MMC card was Navicore 2005/1 (includes SD card adaptor) 2. On a Micro SD card was Navicore 2006/1 (includes SD card adaptor) The system was not compatible with my mobile (Fly SLT100) even though both had Bluetooth the phone couldn't see the GPS and it became apparent from reading the manual and online sites that compatible phones need to be running under the Symbian OS. The compatibility list given in the earlier post shows Symbian Series 60, Symbian Series 80 and Symbian UIQ phones/PDAs/netbooks which would indicate the phone needs to fit this OS. It would appear that this is because the Navicore software has to be installed on the phone. No problem as I have ordered, via fleabay, a Sony Ericsson P910i, which uses the Symbian OS, and which cost peanuts (less than £40 inc. delivery) and which has some features that will make it a much more viable phone for me than the Fly. Basically the Navicore system seems to need a proper Smartphone if you go down the mobile phone route. Having said that I note some previous posters have said this GPS works with any bluetooth device they have "thrown at it". Could they please confirm that their bluetooth devices are running under the Symbian or similar OS which accepts the Navicore software? Has anyone got this to work purely on a bluetooth connection without using the Navicore software? The way I see it the Navicore software has to be installed on the smartphone so that it can interpret the Bluetooth stream which is in NMEA 0183 format (standard for GPS). Whilst both devices have Bluetooth, the Fly cannot detect the GPS receiver. A useful site for checking Symbian compatibility is http://www.handango.com/device/CompleteDeviceListByPlatform.jsp?storeId=2218&devicePlatformId=20 although it should be used with caution as this is my first dealing with this OS and I'm not 100% sure that the Navicore will work with all versions. I wanted a basic GPS which would just give me my position as a grid reference and I didn't want to pay too much. Thanks to the OP I should now have a system for around £50 which will give me the basic GPS plus much more - so h&r added. I've had a really good experience with the Fly SLT100 over the last couple of years so it's a shame that it is not compatible with this GPS. The Navicore CD supplied with the kit refers to this as the BT338 and I see that the BT338 is still selling on Amazon for £54.98.


Bought one of these a month or so back - a real bargain considering its a re-branded Globalst BT-338. I have to agree that the included software is a bit dated, but the gps receiver works with everything I've thrown at it via bluetooth - Samsung NC10, HP2210 and HTC 710 cellphone. Great with OS maps on the Ipaq when out walking btw!! And you can use a standard Nokia phone charger to re-charge it (only comes with a car charger). Thanks taurus.


Just a reminder and heads up this is still available.... mainly for the benifit of new members and others who missed out...


Thanks for the post. Looks like a good deal to me two months on with the branded Globalsats still going for upwards of £30.


if u buy it for the eqipment not the software how do u use it?? i ont want to buy it and not be able to use it. i have a samsung g600