QPad MK-90 (Red Kailh Switches), RGB, Mechanical Keyboard @ Amazon Warehouse From £28.95 (Price After 20% Deducted At Checkout)

QPad MK-90 (Red Kailh Switches), RGB, Mechanical Keyboard @ Amazon Warehouse From £28.95 (Price After 20% Deducted At Checkout)

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Not sure if this will light anyone's fire, but I thought this was a good buy for a Kailh Red, RGB, flagship keyboard for under £30. Seems many on Reddit HATE Kailh switches...

Used - Very Good is £28.95 after 20% discount at Checkout (3 listings at time of posting).

Used - Like New is £29.88 after 20% discount at Checkout.

Official page: qpad.com/sho…tml 180 EUR (!)

Cheapest I can see it elsewhere is £59.99 at Novatech: novatech.co.uk/pro…tml

Here's what I said about it yesterday, on the Cooler Master keyboard thread:

This Q-Pad MK-90 has ABS/laser etched keys so probably not durable (people tend not to review long-term keycap wear), Kailh Reds, not Cherry Reds, RGB lighting - comes to around £29 depending what condition you choose (£29.88 Used - Like New) from Amazon Warehouse with their 20% off. UK layout, as far as I can tell.

Some are complaining this keyboard doesn't work at boot with their BIOS (I have actually had a few keyboards that haven't - and had to use a Logitech wireless keyboard to get into my boot menu), so worth pointing that out.

Reviews: overclock3d.net/rev…w/1
and nikktech.com/mai…iew
another eteknix.com/qpa…ew/

A REALLY in-depth review from a Chinese reviewer translate.google.co.uk/tra…xt=

I went for one as it's cheap and the keyboard I'm using at the moment is bordering on intolerable, but I want a "big daddy" keyboard that lasts a few years. The Outemu Blues on my current 'board drive me mad (if I'm typing and using Skype we can barely hear one another - and this "stutters" at times).
2836129.jpgThe IKBC F108 I was recommended sounds awesome, but it's over £100!

Some did suggest buying my own keycaps, unsure I can do that with Kaihl but think I can.

Edit: Also, Redditors say this looks like a clone of the "Max Keyboard Nighthawk" which is pricey, though not sure if it comes off the same production line/they just use the same chassis or have cheaped out on the Q-Pad. Nobody seems to know.2836129.jpg2836129.jpg2836129.jpg2836129.jpg2836129.jpg2836129.jpg
Video review:

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I asked about key wear (keys smudge/wear out fast with my manic typing fingers), and some reported back that they were happy after owning this keyboard longer-term, so we shall see! amazon.co.uk/ask…hza
Wow, there were four listings in total not long ago, now one left! You guys act fast!
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Heat added for the useful info!
All gone! Hope you enjoy your new keyboards. Hopefully I'll get mine later today.
Well, I finally received mine! (Pantry No-Rush Credit seems to slow the next few orders down - usually I get Prime one-day).

Still think these Kaihl Reds are a bit "stiffer" than a membrane keyboard, but I can type without feeling I'm making a massive racket. Typing feels a bit smoother, though the lack of "bump" might annoy some people. I'm liking it, on short-term first impressions.

Box was sellotaped up (maybe opened) but definitely unused.

Let's see how long the key legends last..

Edit: One thing I have noticed is that the backlight seems a bit "brighter" than some backlit keyboards I've had - "a white plate built into a strengthened keyboard to enhance the clarity and impact of the lighting." from qpad.com/upl…pdf

Another Edit: Overclockers say this is also a clone of the X Armor U9 RGB Keyboard forums.overclockers.co.uk/thr…81/
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Here's a QPad MK-80 (Blue Backlit, Cherry MX Blue) for £22.85 at the moment, Used - Good "Packaging may have minor damage. Item may have minor cosmetic damage"amazon.co.uk/gp/…sed

Though, judging by the review, I'm unsure if this is QWERTZ (German) layout. Has audio ports and 2 x USBs qpad.com/pro…80/

The Amazon Item Model Number states "3200-MK80-INT-BLACK" which is "QPAD®|MK-80 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard US/INT Layout" according to the description at the bottom of the page here: qpad.com/hom…-2/

Doesn't make sense..though Amazon are known for mucking up their descriptions.

I'm very happy typing on the Red Kailhs this MK-90 has, less noise, smoother to type with, no problems with keys registering or keycap wear - yet.
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