Quad Core Q6600 £346.63
Quad Core Q6600 £346.63

Quad Core Q6600 £346.63

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These were selling at over £500 just yesterday. They are being reduced as part of the April 22nd price cuts by Intel. If you are into video-editing, then this processor will make a HUGE difference to your rendering times. Putting it simply it's 2 Core 2 Duo E6600's in one packagei.e. 4 processors! (yes...I know thats over simplifying it!)

Toms hardware lets you compare this with various other cpus.



a bit more to come down and I'll get this soon....

Don't know why people are voting it cold - it is a good price, even if it only appeals to a very small audience.

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Scan are now doing this for £336. Still on sale elsewhere for £526 or more!!!!


a bit more to come down and I'll get this soon....

If you can wait until the third quarter of this year (Jul -> Sept) then Intel's Q3 pricing strategy will have this Q6600 at half the current price.

Under the current Q2 scheme, in quantities of 1000 the price is 530 USD per unit. By Q3 it will be 266 USD per unit.

After tax and other profits along the supply chain by Q3 this will be around the £170 -> £190 GBP mark

( dailytech.com/art…488 )

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Agree its an even bigger and better drop but I couldn't wait myself.

£339 at ebuyer & thats before google checkout.

I think I would rather have a pentium 166 MMX. LOL.

Good price though.

useless quad really

does anything use these???

a handful of apps, mainly video suites.

great price considering where they were at but i agree with above, quads are total hype for 99% of users.

e-penis crowd only :whistling:

Or long term investment.

by the time games and apps will utilize 4 cores probably new chips be coming out lol


Or long term investment.

no such thing m8

by the time software catches up current quads will be considered mid-range at best.

never buy hardware for the future ;-)
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