Quaker Oats So Simple All Verietys Family Pack 16-20X27g sach @ Tesco

Quaker Oats So Simple All Verietys Family Pack 16-20X27g sach @ Tesco

Found 21st Oct 2010
A serving contains the following of your guideline daily amount
Guideline Daily Amount Summary


183, 9%of your GDA

9g, 10%of your GDA

5g, 7%of your GDA

2g, 11%of your GDA

0.5g, 8%of your GDA

Each serving will have enough beta glucan to begin to help reduce your cholesterol

100% Quaker rolled oats

Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

70g CO2 per serving

Original microwavable oats.

Now only 2 mins to perfect porridge.

Psst...measure milk using sachet.

*Based upon a Cat E (min. 800W) microwave.

Nature's way to lower cholesterol.

Oats are one of the natural ways to help lower cholesterol as part of a varied and balanced diet low in saturated fat and a healthy lifestyle.

Oats are a delicious source of wholegrain... and we at Quaker are passionate about getting them absolutely perfect

We have been milling oats since 1899. All our oats are milled at Cupar, Scotland. We are proud to say that the electricity used is from renewable energy sources.

Why not try our delicious...

Oat So Simple Apple & Blueberry

Oat So Simple Raspberry

Working with the Carbon Trust

We have committed to reduce this carbon footprint

By the time we are 35, One in 2 of us has raised cholesterol. Oats contain a soluble fibre called beta glucan which helps soak up cholesterol. Reducing your cholesterol can help to maintain a healthy heart.

For further information on cooking instructions and microwave settings, please visit our website: quakeroats.co.uk
Allergy Information

Allergy Other Text: May contain traces of wheat and barley due to farming practices

May Contain: Barley, Wheat
Other Information

Additives: Free From Artificial Colours

Additives: Free From Artificial Flavours

Additives: Free From Artificial Preservatives

Recycling Info: Recyclable Pack

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Far better deal to buy the plain porrage. Morrisons own brand is an excellent alternative to the branded ones at half the price.
It microwaves in exactly the same manner if you like it cooked and you can add as much sugar /salt / fruit as you like.
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