Quaker Premium Granola Breakfast Cereal 2 for £2 @ Tesco

Quaker Premium Granola Breakfast Cereal 2 for £2 @ Tesco

Found 11th Feb 2008
Available online or instore 2 boxes of cereal for £2 normally £2.59 each.

Quaker Premium Granola Blackberry & Apple 500g £2.59 each
Quaker Premium Granola Raspberry & Strawberry 500g £2.59 each
Quaker Oat Granola 600g £1.85 each
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Be careful, I just went into my local Tesco and purchased 2 boxes - advertised on the shelf edge tickets and barkers as 2 ofr £2. Just checked my receipt now I am back home and they have only discounted to 2 for £3. Still a good deal but not what is advertised.

I'll be going back into my local Tesco tomorrow to complain.
Well my Tesco had them marked clearly at 2 for £3, so I'd wasted my time going there in the 1st place.
I went to Tesco Altrincham and they were advertised at 2 for £2 bought them and they went through at 2 for £3 went to customer service and they refunded £2 so I got 2 for £1 bargain:-D They did remove the label though.
Well I have tried to get back what I have been overcharged but as expected the POS is now 2 for £3 so the local branch are unwilling to do anything. The H/O customer helpline have just been as obstructive as possible, even going to the point of saying Tesco do not know what previous offers they have run and have produced POS for. Personally I find this very hard to believe.
Luckily I have manged to get hold of the local branch duty manager who has accepted that 'offers can change' and is going to refund me the error when I go into the store later.
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