Qualcast 1500W Electric Rotary Lawn Mower and 350w Trimmer Set £55 @ Homebase

Qualcast 1500W Electric Rotary Lawn Mower and 350w Trimmer Set £55 @ Homebase

Found 24th Sep 2015
I'm currently looking for a new lawnmower and came across this deal in Homebase.

Seems dead on for the money! 1500W mower, which seems to be above average. Strimmer seems fine too!

Perfect for someone with a small/medium garden I would say.

Plenty of stock currently in my area.

£55.00 collected in store. Not sure about delivery cost.

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Some very good lawnmower bargains on ebay
I got a Qualcast classic punch 30s self propelled with 70 feet electric cable for £10 off eBay last year owner had gone into a care home and mower was just 7 miles away to pick up when new would have been around £500 ! Many mowers have been sharpened and serviced and now end of mowing season is near grab a winter bargain on eBay ! Hope this help someone by the way saw a Bosch rotak 32R as new go for £10 this week I should have bought it and made a profit !
Bought this set for £55 during the summer, so not really a deal as it's the normal price. It's an ok set but not really suitable for a biggish garden, probably only suitable for the smaller scale as the lawn mower is small, as is the grass box plus there's only 1 x power cable between the 2 x units (not too long either), overall I'd say it's not worth the £55 we spent, £35 for the mower and £15 for the strimmer as they are both really cheaply made plus only 1 x power cable, so £45 is about right, £55 is too much for this, would wait for this to come down from the normal £55 price if you was interested.
The strimmer is OK. The mower 'blade' is a piece of pressed metal with a blunt edge, it rips and tears rather than cut. The grass box/bag is difficult to empty, and it's not a simple lift out and drop in. The power lead keeps falling out. If you need a lwan mower and you buy this, you'll still be needing lawn mower.
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