Qualcast Corded Rotavator/Tiller - 800W (limited availability) £38.99 @ Argos

Qualcast Corded Rotavator/Tiller - 800W (limited availability) £38.99 @ Argos

LocalFound 18th Aug 2017Edited by:"aravind_svu"
It seems to be available only at a few argos stores, can be checked with checknow.co.uk/sea…491. I found one in London and collected it and it was great value for the money. I bought it for ~£45 but it seems to have gone down in price further, I guess Argos are trying to clear off their stock.

Thought it might be useful for those who can get it.
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None left!!
Argos have a habit of putting items up on sale knowing there is no stock, i have been caught out a couple of times
I bought one of these a year ago for 50 quid and did the whole garden (medium sized) with it ready for seeding grass. The safety cut-out button stopped working fairly early, so I can't rely on it stopping when I let go of the hand switch and sometimes need to press the button to get get it to release. But other than that it's quite beastly.
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