QUALITY "bailey bros" blue's chimney sweep set £18.46 @ BAMFORD TRADING .. (as it's stove season)

QUALITY "bailey bros" blue's chimney sweep set £18.46 @ BAMFORD TRADING .. (as it's stove season)

Found 28th Jan 2011
quality brushes that will make you feel shame that you used such a cruddy set before these, mine are almost intuitive going up my "chimbley" in comparison to the old, cheap shonky setthat broke up the chimney 1st time out.
Now I'm a committed bailey blue fan! they are sublime, making a dirty job a clean sweep!
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Ah but can you fly over the rooftops with these?

I think not! Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously cold!
If you ever buy some rods make sure they are the locking ones and then you will be able to turn them both ways without leaving them in situ !
Going to order these now - Thanks
Use a child, it's much cheaper.
Locking are nice, but expensive, the best way for an amateur like me is to have a sharpie penned arrow pointing in the direction of turn, it's too easy to get distracted by the blethering of others, you olnly really need assistance of someone outside to tell you when the brush is through...
keep twisting hand over hand & you'll be fine, & if you've got walkie talkies send em out & simply tell the person watching the chimney pot to bleep you when it's out rather than talk,...it's easier that way, less confusion.
Never burn coal & wood together, fast way to start a chimney fire...(bad creation of poisons)
& clean your chimney regularly so it's less of a chore.
I've got the bigger set (also on the same site, keyword "bailey" ..but my chimney is actually only 6 rod lengths long to pop well clear of the top, so I anticipate this will cover alot of folks requirements.
I do recommend sweeping 1x per month to 6 weeks in burning season, as you get to know what your burning pattern quality of fuel & deposits left are like you can perhaps tone it down simply through it helping you learn how to obtain a best burn.
oh yes, forgot to say, safety goggles as soot is a complete mare in the eyes!
& clean off your rods with baby wipes.

Great stuff. I am assuming cleaning the flue liner for a multi fuel stove is the same procedure as for an unlined chimney?
Dougieboy, was your flue liner correctly installed & installed the right way up?
which brand was it?
Either the 1/2" nylon flexi rods or the 3/4" blue Bailey's are generally fine for twin wall.
If it's two storey with a couple of bends invest in flexi rods and sweep every 6 months or so depending upon usage.
If nice and straight then the 3/4" Bailey's would be fine in the main
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