Quality Street 1.25kg £3.50 @ Tesco instore

Quality Street 1.25kg £3.50 @ Tesco instore

Found 28th Dec 2013
First deal so go easy, not sure if this has already been posted or if its National.
Found these today in Tesco Extra Irvine, reduced from £7.00 down to £3.50 (no yellow sticker). The plastic tubs were still £5.


what store ? should be in title

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Sorry Thought I had, It was Tesco Extra, Irvine.


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I got one from Oldham

In Durham extra as well

Cracking deal skelf23, you're off to a flying start :).

That's a great price good find ;-) x

I was in Tesco Extra yesterday and loads of chocolates reduced (a shed load also in Morrisons) but didn't manage to spot any 1.25kg tins. I didnt pay too much attention to anything without a yellow clearance sign so must have missed this.

Also saw that the Giant Quality Street Totally Toffee fingers were further reduced to £2.50 at Tesco (pic below). Great deal, heat added


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quality street tins still selling at £5 in my local Tesco store in Glasgow (looked in Tesco Extra in Springburn too but none left)

They still have these in tesco Eston for £3.50
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