Quality street 339g box £2.00 at co-op

Quality street 339g box £2.00 at co-op

Found 23rd Sep 2013
Box of quality street for £2.00. I bought some tonight to put away for Christmas. The store I bought these from didn't have the special offer tag up so I'm not sure when this deal ends. The other chocolates that where on offer had tags with offer end date at October 8th so these might be the same.
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or you can 1000g for £4 from tesco
Before anyone comments on it, I know you can get larger boxes that will work out cheaper per gram. These are a good price for the size if like me you have lots of people to buy for. Very handy for teacher presents etc.
Damn you bet me to it.
always £2 at Iceland
Handy to know fatimanskhan. I frequently need boxes of chocolates.

or you can 1000g for £4 from tesco

I don't think they weigh that much anymore !
post with receipt ☆★
Why are some people on here so competitive and pretty? (Not this particular post but in general) I thought the whole point was to share good deals when you see one and not to get a 1 up on someone and get there deals deleted. I come on here every now and again to search for things and share a good deal when I find one (hence why I've only shared about 5 deals)
I don't care about how many points or badges or whatever, I do care about spending 15 minutes on a post just for it to get reported as spam! It wasn't spam. Sorry for ranting but I'm seriously annoyed and wondering if I should just not bother to share any deals as something similar might have been mentioned 3 months ago and therefore be deleted.
Also the fact the other post (that i apparently copied) is technically got the wrong price as it didn't mention postage but I at least went to the effort of checking that out because not everyone has a store near where they live an might need to order online. They also didn't even bother to add there own description and copy pasted the website description. Ok fair enough it was posted before but it didn't show when I searched for it or I wouldn't have wasted my time posting.
Great price as you say these are fab for gifts! Will be taking a trip to put some away for Xmas!
Tins from tesco are only 820g so you are only getting just over 100g extra. Both sizes have their uses so I guess it will be down to the purpose (gift or just to have around for xmas) as to which people feel is the better deal.
I agree with your comment about posts being deleted, I've only posted once on here because I came across a really good deal on kitkats and thought I'd share it - so I go to the effort of signing up and writing up the deal only to have it deleted because it had been mentioned a month + ago. But within about 10 minutes the deal was HOT and highly rated on here, but it still got deleted.
Tend to agree with you both.....when you search prior to posting a deal, very often previously posted deals don't show up for some reason. Do think there should be a limit to how long ago it was previously posted as many haven't seen the deal that was posted 4 weeks ago etc. Whenever I see a deal and someones said 'SPAM this was posted last week/month,', I say "well I didn't see it!! Agree its SPAM when posted again same day or within a couple of days I guess. Think the biggest problem is the 'search' button quite often doesn't find the old deals in the first place...
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