Quality Street (969g) & Cadburys Heroes (950g) Half Price (£5) at Tesco From 10/09/10

Quality Street (969g) & Cadburys Heroes (950g) Half Price (£5) at Tesco From 10/09/10

Found 9th Sep 2010
Tesco are selling cartons of Cadburys Heroes & tins of Quality Street for £5 (half price) from tomorrow. I know this isn't new on the (long) lead up to Christmas but for those of us looking to save a bit of money and store these for the festive period it might be worth picking one up. For others who are just sweetaholics (like me) then indulge.

I can't see any other of the tins/cartons on offer but hopefully Roses & Celebrations will be discounted too.

Offer includes:
Celebrations 855g (tub)
Cadbury Heroes 950g (box)
Quality Street 969g (tin)
Cadbury roses 975g (tin)
- nicster08


Quality Street(1kg) are £5 at Sainsbury's plus you have the chance of winning 1million nectar points. hotukdeals.com/dea…795

Thanks for the info. Maybe put the shop (i.e. Tesco) in the title and 10/9/10 instead of 'tomorrow' as tomorrow will not be tomorrow tomorrow!

Here we go (note the date)Tis the season.......NOT.

I see already they are cheekily reducing the tins from 1kg...crafty devils.

Gone up in price, £9.99 BOGOF 2 weeks ago, could have saved a penny on 2 tins ;-)

Currently on BOGOF @ £10. Far better to be half price, how many sweets does someone need?!

wait till next wed, £4.75 at the coop


wait till next wed, £4.75 at the coop

Next Wedneday never seems to arrive though

Heros and Roses are on offer today at just £4.79 a tin in Netto.
(And yes, Netto ones are in the traditional, useful tin, unlike those in Tesco)

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