Quality Street Cool Mint Matchmakers 130g £1.00 @ Morrisons

Quality Street Cool Mint Matchmakers 130g £1.00 @ Morrisons

Found 13th Dec 2014Made hot 13th Dec 2014
Matchmakers Cool Mint chocolate sticks are full of crunchy mint flavoured pieces in a blend of milk and dark chocolate that are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It makes this box of thin sticks perfect for nibbling and sharing.


Mmm the best!

And gluten free too! Heat added

lol @ people voting hot and there is no price!

Hmmmm price?!

Been this price in Asda for weeks

My fav!

and always this price in poundland

They have them in the 99p store in town

Sainsburys have the Honeycomb flavour for £1.00 and Poundland also have the Orange flavour for £1.00 too.

Good , but bought this weekend @ asda livingston £1.50 bogof = £0.75 each

They're £1 in Co-Op too. Heat.

Asda doing orange matchmakers for£1 or 2 for £1.50. Don't have to tell you which I went for

Also in Budgens, honeycomb And orange flavours too!


typical British xmas confectionary

As big a part of Christmas as Meltis Newberry Fruits.

Hot from me!

get the honeycomb variety for 50p with the Shopitize app!!

£1 at poundland (surprisingly lol) most flavours in there too
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