Quality Streets 350g for £1.05 at Tesco Express In Bristol Horfield

Quality Streets 350g for £1.05 at Tesco Express In Bristol Horfield

Found 15th Nov 2013
went in store for some morning supplies seen quality street grabbed them as it seems like a good deal. Asked in store and was advised they have a lot of stock to get rid of so not sure if its store specific. Also are some Thornton favourites 500g which I think were pretty cheap so all in all an expensive breakfast.
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Is that the one on Filton Avenue?
yes that's it next to the co op
Currently on a half price offer at £2 just, so fully expect this was just a 1 store lucky find (excellent find btw OP).


I wouldn't be going to Tesco on a wild goose chase, but at least those near your Bristol Expres store can fill their boots in the meantime, while we wait and see if anyone else reports them from other stores. In my experience these deals at Express stores are different from 'national' deals, so it might be worthwhile looking for these in other Express stores as that's the most likely place to find them. Just my tuppence worth.
Yeah I posted one of these deals for "Heroes" when they were £1.05 sadly they are usually only in ONE STORE.
this is suppose to be in morrisons aswell scanning through at a quid
this didn't show up in my search... BUT IT Does now so Heated, found it in an Express...
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