QUECHUA 4 man XL pop up tent £159.99 @ Decathlon

QUECHUA 4 man XL pop up tent £159.99 @ Decathlon

Found 16th Apr 2013
This 4 Man Family Pop Up Tent is the perfect tent for your vacation. This tent offers 2 large bedrooms for those wanting both space and comfort from their family tent. Aswell as being perfect size it is also very quick to pitch when you arrive. The spacious bedrooms are complemented by an extra large (XL) living space between the 2 bedrooms where you can relax and enjoy your camping trip. Sleeps 4, 2 bedrooms, big living room, quick pitching.

This has 2 skins, unlike the small pop-ups so should be a better tent. Price is for buy in store as delivery is £14.99 unless someone knows a code?
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Might be a glitch as HERE it's £269!
op Is seconds yours g1 is different
Both the same except colour AFAIK. "Seconds" is the name of it, as in 'put up in seconds' not as in B grade.

Might be a glitch as HERE it's £269!

That is the latest version of this tent, has different entrance and more windows by the look of it.

I bought this tent two weeks ago and its awesome, def worth £160.
I can confirm the price is for brand new products. Was at the lakeside shop at the weekend and they were selling fast.
They make cracking pop up tents and hiking tents. Spent a few weeks are Spain in one of their lightweight backpacking tents, was superb. Heat added.

Also amazing with warranties even if you damage the tent.
Bought one of these from Ilkeston Decathlon after searching HUK Deals for family pop-up tents, used it this weekend. This weekend in the Peak District was extremely windy, plus it rained, and hailed. Yep, I know how to pick my weekends away. However, the tent withstood the weather. There are a few small gripes though. There are velcro strips to seal up the entrance of the living area with the groundsheet. There are not enough of these to form a complete seal, so wind can still get in. The bedrooms zip up completely though.

If you're new to pop-up tents, don't let the name mislead you. It isn't always as simple as it sounds, especially for something this big. Still, three of us got it up in strong winds probably more quickly than we would have a normal tent. This was our first time pitching it, and it probably took 45 minutes including getting the groundsheet down. A lot of that time was just figuring out which way around everything should be, we had a couple of false starts. I am sure it will come more quickly with practice. This tent will be ideal for warm weather and we'll use it a lot over summer. It can withstand bad weather, but the wind really can tear through the living space unless you block the gaps up with blankets or something. No problems with rain leaking in anywhere. I would recommend buying some pegs of a slightly better quality that the ones supplied with this tent, particularly if you expect strong winds. Fortunately we had bought some on a whim, but we were glad we did. Bedrooms are a bit tight, but we still managed to get 2 air beds inside one of them. One of us was right up against the material of the wall (me actually), but not a big issue, especially if you sleep on your front. Whoever is least claustrophobic really needs to go on this side furthest from the door!

Living space really is a decent size, three of us had camping chairs in there, we were surrounded by bags of food and booze, and we moved around without too much difficulty. As the weather was too bad outside to use the disposable BBQs, I even cooked on the camping gas hob in this room. I know it's not recommended, but trust me, the room was very well ventilated and the height from floor to roof of this room is enough that there is no issue of the ceiling getting too hot if cooking on the floor.

All in all a good tent, I'd think twice about using it outside of May to September in the UK though. And for anyone that has had any experience of erecting a non pop-up tent and found it OK, you're probably better off getting a regular tent instead, as you'll probably get more for your money if you aren't paying for the convenience of a pop-up.
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