Queen of York Crystal Clutch £3250 @ harrods

Queen of York Crystal Clutch £3250 @ harrods

Found 21st Nov 2010
Have been looking for this for some time now for the mrs xmas gift and this is the best price I have found. Not a deal as such just a really good price for a great bag!

This glittery dog clutch adds a healthy dose of glamour and liveliness to even the simplest of evening ensembles. Wow your friends and impress fellow party-goers with this striking showcase piece by one of America’s most innovative bag designers.
Crystal encrusted dog clutch
Handmade and handcrafted from acacia wood and Swarovski crystals
Clip fastening
Wide silk cord handle (can be tucked into bag for use as a clutch)
Internal pouch
H18cm x W20cm x D11cm; handle drop 65cm
Spare crystals included, all wood markings are natural
Authentic Timmy Woods signature on base
Presented with signature Timmy Woods dustbag


wtf....10p for a carrier bag in ltdl, does the same job....

voted cold (_;)

so last season

i think you must be loaded foxtruk to say u buy this, i can think of better things to buy than something like this piece of c..p.
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Is this to match the hand encrusted Aston Martin..........?

bargain, i'll have two!
One for here and one for when i go to the house in spain..

Thats the most awful bag I've ever seen, my 2 year old wouldn't even want a dog bag!!

is this an experiment to see how cold something can get? Cold from me, you got it!

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it's crystal encrusted!

LOL thats the ugliest bag ive ever seen LOL

£3250 for a bag LOL nice one

bought one, thanks op for the fab find

I'm guessing the OP is having a laugh... and anyone else on the forum who buys this actually...

Quidco anyone?

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I forgot to mention it comes to £3248 after quidco!

1% quidco X)

my 13 year old loves bags and dogs i showed her this and she just said yuck so cold from me lol

what a snip! But do you have to carry one of those plastic bags in the other hand to clean up the poop?

If you're having a party for the kids, and they are each getting a doggy bag, this could get expensive. Perhaps a discount for bulk buying?

wouldnt even pay £32.50 for it! poverty strikken people all over the world and some people pay that much for a bag..whats the point

Well, they say, a fool and his money are easily parted! I for one would definately feel foolish with that thing under my arm.:)

This is the sort of thing you'd find in a tacky Egyptian souk.....................
Ah yes I see.

You'd need to be barking to buy this.........................

Unbelievable, even If I was a millionaire or some one with a very good income I still would not buy this bag. I believe what the problem now a days is pride, and "oh Mrs Cooper got that expensive bag"

Help the poor, give a poor person a glass of water at least.
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