Queen - The Platinum Collection : Greatest Hits1-3 (3CD) - £7.99 delivered !
Queen - The Platinum Collection :  Greatest Hits1-3 (3CD) - £7.99 delivered !

Queen - The Platinum Collection : Greatest Hits1-3 (3CD) - £7.99 delivered !

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A good price for this Queen The Platinum Collection : Greatest Hits 1-3 (3CD) - just £7.99 delivered from Play.com containing 51 tracks!

Details: This three-disc set brings together 1981's 'Greatest Hits Vol.1', 1991's 'Greatest Hits Vol.2' and 1999's 'Greatest Hits Vol.3'. It features no fewer than 26 of Freddie Mercury and Queen's UK top ten hits


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Next cheapest price is £11.95 !

[SIZE=3][COLOR=indigo]Track List[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[*]Bohemian Rhapsody
[*]Another One Bites The Dust
[*]Killer Queen
[*]Fat Bottomed Girls
[*]Bicycle Race
[*]You're My Best Friend
[*]Don't Stop Me Now
[*]Save Me
[*]Crazy Little Thing Called Love
[*]Somebody To Love
[*]Now I'm Here
[*]Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
[*]Play The Game
[*]Seven Seas Of Rhye
[*]We Will Rock You
[*]We Are The Champions
[*]A Kind Of Magic
[*]Under Pressure
[*]Radio Ga Ga
[*]I Want It All
[*]I Want To Break Free
[*]It's A Hard Life
[*]Who Wants To Live Forever
[*]The Miracle
[*]I'm Going Slightly Mad
[*]Invisible Man
[*]Hammer To Fall
[*]Friends Will Be Friends
[*]The Show Must Go On
[*]One Vision
[*]The Show Must Go On (Live)
[*]Under Pressure (Rah Mix)
[*]Too Much Love Will Kill You
[*]Somebody To Love (Live)
[*]You Don't Fool Me
[*]Heaven For Everyone (Single Version)
[*]Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)
[*]Driven By You
[*]Living On My Own (Radio Mix)
[*]Let Me Live
[*]The Great Pretender
[*]Princes Of The Universe
[*]Another One Bites The Dust
[*]No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
[*]These Are The Days Of Our Lives
[*]Thank God It's Christmas[/LIST]

Great find... "heat" added!



Great find as GH1 is often around the £5 mark on its own.

The sound you'll hear on GH3 is the bottom of the barrel being scraped but for the extra few quid for all three compilations it's still good value. Another present sorted!

Voted hot, really good price although must agree with Phantom Power about the third cd. I've already got Greatest Hits 1, so I'll give this a miss and just get Greatest Hits 2 at some point.

3rd CD isn't THAT bad... it's just not up with the level of the 1st two.
Half the stuff on the 3rd CD is still really good stuff...#

Mind you, as a die-hard Queen fan, I would say that!!!

Queen rules - 1st n 2nd are gr8 3rd disc is just covers really but theres a few gems in there

Good price. Heat and rep given.


Mind you, as a die-hard Queen fan, I would say that!!!

So would I but I think I'd be stretching the truth somewhat... Yes the 3rd CD is far better than a lot of music - not all, just a lot - on the shelf today, but I wouldn't say it's great.

I got the entire back catalogue on vinyl + The Works Box Set also vinyl and you can take my TV before you take that. Would be nice to put this CD set in the car though so still gets a well deserved hot vote!

Wicked trilogy to own........who doesnt already own them all anyways?!?!

It's a great set. There's some very good stuff on the third disc, but also a lot of dross, like the horrific Under Pressure remix, and Wyclef Jean being on it. It does have songs off Made In Heaven, as well as Barcelona and Princes of the Universe on it, which are plus points.

Well worth getting the set if you don't already own it. Very good price too. I paid a tenner a couple of years back in a sale, which is still good, but this is better.

This is a bargain and worth having in your collection.
For me there is only about 2 bad songs on the 3rd cd, Elton John has ruined the Show Must Go On I always skip it as for the Under Pressure Remix I really like it oh and yeah Princes Of the Universe is wicked.
Queen do rule!

lol - same price i bought it for 3 years ago

many thanks

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Welcome to HUKD's johnafirth, sourcelives and ijc222

Good find. Whenever I hear Queen's Don't Stop Me Now it always reminds me of Jonny Kennedy: The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off - the TV show is here

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