Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated R (2 Disc CD) £3.49 delivered @ Play

Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated R (2 Disc CD) £3.49 delivered @ Play

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Found 20th Jan 2010Made hot 20th Jan 2010
Disc 1

1. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
2. Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
3. Leg Of Lamb
4. Auto Pilot
5. Better Living Through Chemistry
6. Monsters In The Parasol
7. Quick And To The Pointless
8. In The Fade
9. Tension Head
10. Lightning Song
11. I Think I Lost My Headache

Disc 2

1. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
2. Never Say Never
3. You're So Vague
4. Who'll Be The Next In Line
5. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer


great find - and an awesome album - thanks!

Their best album in my opinion closely followed by Songs For The Deaf. Great price.

I prefer lullabies to paralyse - which is also available for 3.50


Their best album imo

NME album of the year if I remember right - hot

Great album. Not as good as the Self Titled, but as sweet an album as you're gonna find from one of the finest bands out there.

A great album and a great price, thanks for posting

Amazing album. And special edition 2! Been needing this since the cat spilt beer on my old one. Hoping for a new album in 2010 x

Worth £3.50 of anyone's money. Sounds as good now as it did 10 years ago.

Great album although not their best IMO - hot.

I already owned Songs for the Deaf and Lullabies to Paralyse, and bought this album on the strength of this deal...

IMHO this one is on a par with Lullabies, both better than Era Vulgaris (they've lost it!) but doesn't bear comparison to Songs For The Deaf (their magnum opus) AT ALL.

SFTD has to feature one of the greatest drumming performances of all time. Tonight I have listened to Led Zeppelin IV which is hot enough, thank you Jon, and then this - Grohl vs Bonham, how do you split them, undoubtedly 1 and 2 ever, but which way round?
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