Quella Signature One Single Speed (Fixie) Bike 45% off £299.99 @ sportpursuit.com

Quella Signature One Single Speed (Fixie) Bike 45% off £299.99 @ sportpursuit.com

Found 18th Feb 2016
45% off Quella Signature One single speed (fixie) bikes.
Colours include:
- Matte Black
- Copper
- Graphite
- Racing Green
- Mint

This bike is currently retailing at £549 on the Quella website.
They also have upto 46% off Quella components such as aero wheelset for £149.

Yes, you have to sign up to sports pursuit, but it's free.
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I will stay with my hand built Look kG386 - purpose built for the Tour De France.....mint condition....smugjojo....
Nice but I like my knees too much to ride a fixie ;-)
No brakes?
The wheelsets are ridiculously heavy and overpriced at the reduced price, nevermind the rrp. 3 kilos for a pair of road wheels! oO
Fixies .....I'd give them a miss unless you are using one for training.... For a newbie to cycling they're not great.... there are plenty of other decent bikes around with good gear ratios and not as clunky....As David says; why trash your knees.... I think they are more a fashion statement than anything.....If you are a first time rider, they'll just put you off cycling....
I ride around 175 miles a week.... the only people I know on fixies are strong, hard core riders, or couriers....

No brakes?

it's a fixie. You brake by applying force to the peddles in opposite direction. though it would make sense to have a front brake.
Edited by: "Monzer" 18th Feb 2016
Needs a flip-flop.
The spec list states that it has a flip-flop hub and promax brakes.
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