Quick Drying Satin/Gloss/undercoat/non drip Gloss 750ml £3 at Asda

Quick Drying Satin/Gloss/undercoat/non drip Gloss 750ml £3 at Asda



Cheap but very bad quality!!
Have used Crowne and Dulux before and have experienced both good and bad. Might try this for a lick of paint under the staircase at this price.
It says on the Tin " For interior and exterior woodwork and metal" Ha I would like to see how long that lasts being a water based paint!
This is all I use now! Touch dry in 10 mins so great if you have kids and doesn't smell being water based. They do an oil based one and a water based one so you have to check the tin closely but have used both several times and never been dissappointed.
Recently used the quick dry gloss. It does the job but needs a few coats as it's like water. I've just bought the Dulux quick dry gloss from Asda which is also reduced. Hoping it might be better quality.
Dont use quick drying gloss paint over existing gloss paint.It will flake off.I did this and when I called Dulux to complain thits what they told me
This paint is rubbish if and water gets on it it peels. Do not use it
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