Quick - Jongleurs Comedy Club tickets £1 (plus £1 booking fee) for January - Was £16

Quick - Jongleurs Comedy Club tickets £1 (plus £1 booking fee) for January - Was £16

Found 14th Jan 2009Made hot 17th Jan 2009
Tickets for Jongleurs comedy club for £1 plus £1 booking fee. Just saved £52 booking for 4

Tickets for January only using the code january1

book online of call the box office

When booking on-line, select the venue and dates then select seats and enter the code at this stage. Tickets will then show £1 plus £1 booking fee


Doesn't seem to work for me

when i enter the code january01 in the offer code, an invalid message appears below it! im booking for watford. pls help

try january1

not working for me either. says no shows available but if i take the code away there are plenty ??

I tried a search without putting in comedian and it says nothing is available for the whole of January. Is there a list of what is going on in each venues or how should I do this?

Nothing for Edinburgh at £1 just normal prices

As soon as I get to the 'n' in January it pops up a not valid code message


try january1

yeah that one works :thumbsup:

out of interest what venue did the OP pick?


As soon as I get to the 'n' in January it pops up a not valid code message

keep typing, once you've entered all the letters it comes up as valid

£14 each at camden with code?

All full price in Portsmouth.

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Sorry guys - it is january1

My mistake

I booked for oxford and got tickets. The voucher code will show as invalid until you put january1 in

Tickets valid for Jan only and make sure you enter the code when booking the tickets. Just tried and it does still work


keep typing, once you've entered all the letters it comes up as valid

Cheers, working now with the 0 left out.

Just need mates to confirm their availability.

£15 southampton with code....

Tickets show as full price until you proceed.

I selected tickets for Glasgow on Jan 31

worked fine, booked 6 seats in leicester, £1 per seat and £1 booking fee, so £2 per person, bargain!

Apologies for voting cold! You need to go all through the booking for the discount to be applied!! Adding rep, apologies for making cold....!

Yeah, discount isn't applied until after seats have been selected!

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Nothing for Edinburgh at £1 just normal prices

I just tried this for Edinburgh and there are tickes at £1. You need to select dates to the end of Jan, then book tickets. On the page where you select the type of tickets, select where you wish to sit then enter the code january1.

It then shows as £2 total

OP, you may want to edit the first post to say that you need to go through the whole process before the discount is applied.

Tickets show as full price until you fill out first few party details and go to next screen where discount is applied (and £6 booking fee added on!)

booking fee is £1 per ticket I believe

Just booked 4 tickets for Saturday in Oxford, cheers Op!

just booked Southampton for £1 per ticket, and £4 booking fee (for four tickets), barg I reckon, cheers OP.

Sorry it does work, like others I didn't notice it makes the deductions after you book your seats!

Tickets booked for Reading on 24th!

Code worked for Camden, it says "seats for £1" but only discounts £15 from a £64 order. Which means it's done ONE seat at £1, and the other three full price.

Yeah, allocation sold out for all London shows now.

Trying to get hold of my mates to see if they wanna go, typical, never bloody answer their phone when you need em!

Wow, cheers. Just got 2 two tickets for Leeds for tomorrow night for £4 in total. I've been wanting to go for ages but didn't want to pay loads of money for tickets.

Yay 5 tickets for Reading for the end of the month - BARGAIN!!

Cheers OP, a top spot indeedy.

Glasgow allocation used up for 31st.


If you snooze, you lose.

Still a fantastic deal though.

Thank you! Just got 2 tickets - I think! Do they send a confirmation email, tickets, or just what you get in your 'bookings' page on their site?


I am gutted! I am going onn the 30th to watford for my birthday but already booked!!! We paid £5 each with a different code, plus booking fees

h&r added though

Heat and Rep added, very few tickets left though

ps tried a few random things on the code page, february1, march1 etc but are invalid, on the offchance typed "2009" and it came up "valid for box office bookings only" - so that might do something over the phone for some people. {If it does somehthing good, feel free to start your own thread with it as it is somewhat buried here - I'd appreciate the credit though}


cant ge tit to work looking @ watford but staying full price

Hasn't this already been posted?


Or was that posted after this lol

Will be looking for one near me...should be a laugh!!!!

None available for Birmingham

went last night. great craic. only shows the discount at the very end so go through the whole process...
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