QuickOffice File Manager for iPhone - FREE for a limited time
QuickOffice File Manager for iPhone - FREE for a limited time

QuickOffice File Manager for iPhone - FREE for a limited time

FREE for a limited time! Download Today!

ACCESS. VIEW. SHARE. Quickoffice Connect services allow users to easily access, view and share files from multiple cloud storage services, including MobileMe, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box.net. From a single, convenient application, you can access content from anywhere, manage content on-device, transfer files via WiFi, and share files via email or your cloud service provider.

Key Product Features:

WiFi File Transfer
Mount your device as a drive via WiFi for easy file transfer between your iPhone or iPod Touch and your computer
Drag & Drop files via WiFi between your desktop and your iPhone or iPod touch device
Transfer files between iPhone or iPod Touch and Mac or PC using a web browser
Password protected file transfer for added security
Easily connect to your iPhone or iPod Touch using Bonjour
File Transfer does not require any additional desktop software installation

Remote File Access
Easily browse remote files and folders while on the go
Download files from your cloud storage provider to your iPhone or iPod Touch for offline use
Upload files from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your remote storage account
Create new folders or delete or rename files and folders

Email Files
Access iPhone email attachments from any email service � no need to have MS Exchange.
Email files regardless of file type (audio, video, zip files, etc.)
Email multiple remote or local files
Email remote files without having to download them
Email any file on your iDisk folder directly from the application
Email address fields are integrated with iPhone contacts, making it easier to enter "To/CC/BCC" information
Email is sent securely

File Viewer
Slide show viewing of remote and local images
Smooth scrolling and pinch apart zooming throughout App
Advanced image viewer for viewing high resolution images
Supports most file formats (see below for complete list)
View files in landscape
Automatic-bookmarking of your last-viewed position in documents

Extensive File Format Support:
Quickoffice Connect will list any files without restriction. However, only the following file types can be viewed or played on the device:
Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff, .gif and .svg
Microsoft Word: .doc and .docx
Microsoft Excel: .xls and .xlsx
Microsoft PowerPoint: .ppt and .pptx
iWork: Pages, Numbers & Keynote
Adobe Acrobat: .pdf
Web Pages: .htm and .html
Audio: .mp3

Separate charges may apply from Service Providers for file storage and related services
Does not support iWork '09

Privacy and Security is our Top Priority
Passcode protection of the entire application keeps your content safe
Secure personal data - your remote service provider credentials and information are NEVER transmitted outside of your mobile cloud service account


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needs 3.0 or above firmware
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