Quidco £10 cashback on a £10 spend @ any retailer -account specific-

Quidco £10 cashback on a £10 spend @ any retailer -account specific-

LocalFound 13th Dec 2017
t's time to earn cashback every time you shop!

Enjoy a £10 bonus on your next Quidco purchase.
1] Click above to activate the £10 bonus on our offer page
2] Browse cashback deals at over 4,500 retailers
3] Visit the retailer, via our link, and make your purchase before 31 December

Quidco does the rest! We'll track your purchase and pay your bonus when the cashback from your purchase is confirmed
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Only available to certain accounts
Not available to me, you need to add account specific to title/info. Great deal if you get it!
I've claimed the £5/2.50 deals a few times lately so that may be why?
We’re really sorry, you’re not eligible for this offer
vassy11 m ago


not for me....... Denied
Yep like the odd 1 selected account
Not here either.
not eligible
not me either
awesome its on my account, thanks!
not for me either :-(
Edited by: "Darrelg" 13th Dec 2017
I got the not eligible message too, but thanks for posting, worth a try.
tried all of my accounts not 1
Thanks OP


You have opted in and qualified for the £10 bonus.

All you need to do now is make a tracked purchase for £10 or more plus VAT.


Remember, this £10 bonus will track and confirm in your Quidco account 3 days after your tracked cashback reaches ‘confirmed’ status.


Not for me, I cri
Not for me either.
this should be hot, just because its account specific and doesnt work for some shouldnt mean it should be voted cold?!?!
Not me for too...
Not for me
Same for me.. Not eligible
Maybe it's because I've been trying to come off premium for about 2 years now but I miss the date lol
not for me
Not eligible
Nor me.
Edited by: "khaji" 13th Dec 2017
worked for me, then a flamedeer popped up, my luck must have changed
worked for me, thanks for posting!
Thanks OP . Worked. I tend to use topcashback 90% of the time so the account is rarely used.
Ordered lots of body shop bits for next to nothing once the bonus pays.
Nothing for me.....
Thanks op
Please notify more account specific promotions, as most people like me won't get them 😣
I got email today !
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