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Fill your Fridge bonus £10 when you make a purchase from a qualifying retailer (2000 redemption limit) @ Quidco

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

£10 Bonus | Fill Your Fridge | 29 September

Fill your fridge plus get a £10 Bonus when you opt in and shop with one of our selected retailers.

Included retailers: Adnams, Approved Food, Co-op Food, Domino's, Donald Russell, Gousto, HelloFresh, Hotel Chocolat, House of Malt, Joe & Seph's Popcorn, Laithwaites Wine, Loch Fyne Whiskies, Lola's Cupcakes, Majestic Wine, Muscle Food, Ocado, Pact Coffee, Pipers Farm, Pizza Hut Delivery, Pong Cheese, Sainsbury's Griceries, Selfridges, Tesco Groceries, The Sausage Man, The Snaffling Pig, The VeganKind, TruffleHunter, Wiltshire Farm Foods and T2Tea

can’t see a minimum spend
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    I seem to get most transactions declined rather than accepted. Usually it is not worth the bother.
    Same here. Not used Quidco for ages because of this.
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    For those asking - there is no minimum spend, which is why no min spend is listed in the terms

    I can see that other HUKD members have stated this, but thought it best to confirm officially!
    Its helpful if it was added in the heading i was very busy and though i noticed the deal missed out.:( now its expired unfortunate
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    First 2000 only
    It'll last till noon or so, maybe even till 1pm, despite everyone making multiple accounts
  4. Avatar
    Next question, is there any way of knowing if you are one of the 2000?
    you will know if it lets you opt into the bonus this means that you would be one of the 2000.
  5. Avatar
    as long as you have opted into this boost before this ends then this would be fine
    Is this just for online orders but not for in store shopping?
  6. Avatar
    @Supa That's totally fine - you can make an order to collect in store and it can be a future date for collection. As long as the purchase is made today you're all good

    Edit - the bonus actually ends tomorrow not today (my bad - it's been a long day). So you've got until the end of tomorrow, not today! (edited)
    It would be useful to include things like this in TC for future
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    Also with Tesco there is no eligible grocery offer via quidco unless you get free from or home purchases so you wont get bonus? Or will you?
    good spot. i was considering a tesco order. reading it again, it seems it would only work on the categories you mention and the £3.75 c/b 'for new customer grocery orders'.

    also, i was thinking a grocery delivery might not qualify as they usually bill you on delivery day, and this expires tonight.

    This is so confusing, not worth the 10 quid (edited)
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    Quidco tracking is awful.

    Or they just want to avoid paying out the bonus!

    I’ll stick with TopCashback, thanks
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    Waiting for my only two cashbacks from Quidco both over a month past due date and already contacted three weeks ago. Still no cashback. Until I get these I'll be using TCB (edited)
    Same here. I'm waiting on one from 11 June. Until they pay out, I won't be using Quidco.
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    I'll be 80 years old taking my final breath when that notification from quidco finally pops through
    "Confirmed - £2.50 available to withdraw"
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    I have almost £3k of Quidco cash back from over the years but the last confirmed payment that I had (which was this week) was from a Keen purchase that I made almost 2 years ago… TopCashback the way to go nowadays.
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    Up to almost 8k on quidco, waiting for final 3/4 to confirm then planning to close down account. TCB all the way, sooooo much better
    u have 8k on quidco but not sent it to bank yet? or did you just mean u have made that amount over the years... (edited)
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    I don't even bother with Quidco, bunch of scammers, Declined my payments even after they was confirmed, now only use Topcashback
  14. Avatar
    have switched from quidco to TCB, its not what used be before, too much hassle, failed tracking , refusal now a days.
  15. Avatar
    I've seen a couple of messages relating to the bonus having ended now, and opt in limit reached. That is correct and we did reach our limit of 2000 opt ins. Anybody who had opted in before it reached this limit and had not yet made a purchase - please don't worry as long as you make a purchase before the end of tomorrow, it'll link to the bonus as normal.

    We have since extended the opt in limit due to the bonus' popularity, so the new opt in limit is now 5000. (edited)
    Awww you guys. Imagine if you ran the govt and have us ALL a 5% tax cut
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    I can't see anything stating how much you need to spend, so is it available on a purchase of any amount?
    It looks that way. Even if not, bear in mind you need to have spent enough to get at least a penny of cashback and it's worth checking if they exclude VAT or going over to make sure you will still get it.
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    Looks like a good offer to try and tempt people to defect from TCB. Hubby spent best part of a month chasing all the outstanding amounts from them this year before finally closing his account….mine went 2 years ago. Don’t think they can last much longer with the amount of customers no longer using Quidco.
    48324794-ELXQY.jpgI'm not doing too bad with Quidco to be fair. A few things don't track, then instantly put a claim in.
    I haven't used TCB for a long time, are their rates better and tracking better?
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    Thanks OP. Will get a Co-op delivery later or a Domino’s, which has a 50% offer on.
    Domino's always has a 50% off offer on
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    why are quidco dodging the question numerous people who have posted on here about the minimum spend criteria?
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    My Tesco orders never track, and who are Sainsbury's Griceries lol
    I wondered that.
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    Is it online only or I store too?
    Does not say but I think it's online otherwise how can we upload the receipts?
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    Just read comments everyone raving about TopCashBack and signed up for account and installed their browser extension.
    Went to ToolStation to test - quidco extension popped up straight way saying there is cashback, but TCB did nothing.
    If this is how it works? If yes, it is useless to me - the only time I use Quidco is either when it pops up saying there is cashback or when I look for insurance directly through their site
    My bad - there is separate extension for UK, it works correctly, gonna give it a go (edited)
    I use toolstation quite abit with work and screwfix and top cashback actually pays out
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    Anyone know whether doing a grocery shop today for delivery after the 30th fulfils the conditions? Can't see a definitive thing for this in the t&cs.
    lol i just asked same question
  25. Avatar
    Is there a minimum spend on this.
  26. Avatar
    @Quidco_Rep Ocado's cashback is normally for new customers or existing customers up to your 5th shop. I've made an order via the £10 bonus with Ocado. I trust that even though I wouldn't be eligible for the normal cashback (as I've done over 5 shops with Ocado) that I will still be receiving the £10 bonus as the offer only says "grab yourself a £10 bonus when you opt in before you make your purchase.". There were no other specific T&Cs which covered this. Like others, in the past few years I've frequently not had cashback honoured by Quidco (usually says retailer refused or some other lame excuse) so I'm really weary but I thought I'd give Quidco one last try and placed quite a large order with Ocado to get the £10 bonus..
    same situation to me. Hopefully we can get the £10 bonus.
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    If you order today for pick up next week and during that time modify your order, do you still get the bonus? (edited)
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    what are people ordering....is there anything cheap with free delivery
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    Quidco went downhill, maybe if they did what they were supposed to they might still be as popular, TCB for me too cant beat them !
    When TCB run their monthly £2 bonus promo, the same comments in reverse get posted on that deal. i.e. TCB scammers, bunch of thieves, never tracks, never pays, etc...
    Just make me laugh!
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    It does not say whether it needs to be an online purchase, or whether ClickSnap is also included.
    Are clicksnap included? thanks in advance@Quidco_Rep (edited)
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    Is there a minimum spend?
  32. Avatar
    Is there a min spend on this?
    i imagine it will be whatever the minimum spend required to get the cashback normally is
  33. Avatar
    with regards to the "make a purchase with one of our selected retailers between 29/09/2022 00:00:00 and 30/09/2022 23:59:59."

    i,e. Tesco... does the purchase therefore actually need to be "completed" i.e. delieverd by tomorrow? or just placed by tomorrow as
    i (think) i would prefer sunday delivery.... and can i still update the order as people tend to do with grocery orders? (edited)
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    I switched from topcashback about 7 years ago to quidco, and quidco were much better. Now folk saying topcashback is better??
    I use both cashback sites, whichever one is offering the highest rate at the time of purchase.
    They both use the same affiliate networks to track purchases, so neither one nor the other is better or worse for tracking.
    If you have issues, you might see a difference on the Customer Service side of things.
    I generally don't have any issues with either site.
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    I know this has expired now but would this work if placing a Tesco online delivery order today for delivery on Saturday, a day after it expires?
  36. Avatar
    @Quidco_Rep You didn't reply. If I do a click and collect to store order, and the collect date is after tomorrow (Sat or Sun) will it still count?
  37. Avatar
    @Quidco_Rep If I do a collect in store order, and the collect date is after tomorrow will it still count?
  38. Avatar
    so order on online for collection in store will count then ?
  39. Avatar
    Aren't topcashback associated with HotUKDeals?
    No, the owner made Quidco then HUKDs or something along that line.
  40. Avatar
    There is no minimum or it would say it in the terms and conditions.