Quinny Buzz 3 Stroller - Roller Pink only £249.90 Delivered @ Kiddicare

Quinny Buzz 3 Stroller - Roller Pink only £249.90 Delivered @ Kiddicare

Found 20th Nov 2011
Billy bargain if you ask me, don't forget 4% TCB / Quidco.

•Comfortable seat can be installed either forward or rearward facing, so you can either face your child or when they are older they can enjoy the surroundings.
•Unique hydraulic system, the buzz can unfold itself completely automatically. So with minimal handling your Buzz is ready to go.
•Complete with 2 seats: a standard seat and a larger XL seat, allowing your pushchair to grow with your child,
•Highly manoeuvrable front wheel can rotate 360° and is lockable.
•The backrest fully reclines; 3 recline positions in forward-facing mode, and 2 recline positions in rearward facing mode.
•Other smart solutions next to a one touch unfolding system include a height adjustable pushbar, foot rest and back rest.
•The buzz is the ideal travel system when combined with the maxi-cosi pebble. Cabriofix infant car seats or the dreami carrycot (all sold separately).
•Comes complete with a sun canopy, buzz box clip-on change bag, raincover and adapters for attaching the dreami carrycot, pebble or cabriofix car seat
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Even cheaper with kiddi12 - £219
great puchchair, i loved it....but i found it way to bulky for my carboot and i drive a zafira...good price though

Even cheaper with kiddi12 - £219

Nice one.
I wasnt keen on the size this folds to - however ill vote hot because the price is very good - especially using the above mentioned code
Whilst this is a good price, and I found the buggy to be ok, I have to say as a previous owner this buggy has some brilliant marketing around it and a reputation that it probably doesn't deserve as a a result of the marketing...

the 'pop-up' pneumatic frame you think will save you so much time and energy is actually unnecessary as you still have to put the car seat down to lift the (v.heavy) base out of the boot of the car (i.e. you might as well pull the frame up yourself whilst you are lifting this out). It's a classic new parent trap. You look at it and think "Wow that's a cool design" and buy it as you don't know any better (I fell for this and am happy to admit it), a friend purchased his buggy on the strength that it had a disc brake on the front tyre... same technique. Add one gadget and you've got bragging rights on your buggy

I reckon you'll get 6 months use of it and then swap it for a lighter stroller. It's too big in shops, too big for the car and the base is too heavy for regular use. If you still want a Quinny Buzz for the 6 months use then I'd buy one from ebay 2nd hand - they are much cheaper and best of all when you are finished you can sell it for practically what you bought it for.

Not saying this isn't a great price- (I've voted hot for the price alone) - just not sure if it's a great product.
yes thats what i had done, it is very stylish but not practical and too heavy, i paid full wack and sold mine on *bay with carrycot and accesories for £77!!..it was heartbreaking lol but like pp said, 6 months max and youll change to a smaller lightweight stroller...good price though new!
Have to agree with the above comments. Sharkmark you've put it perfectly. These, like anything iCandy, charge a premium for the name. £250 for a (not very good) buggy is far too much.

That said, if you are desperate to waste money on one of these its the best price around at the moment so have some heat.
We had one of these - great buggy in my opinion....I do agree that a lighter buggy takes over quickly....our McClaren Techno XT was great.......but I think this was also great if you want a travel system....we had car seat, carry cot and the buggy.
Other benefit is that when they are little buggy faces both ways.

I would totally recommend it and I think we paid more than this 5 years ago!
I always go for a Graco travel system as they are cheap, light & you can get a whole package of stroller, car seat & in car base for a lot less than most other brands. I just go for something practical & easy to use that will fit in the car. I still use the pushchair & car seat that I bought for my daughter 19mths ago & no problems. The mosaic grows with the child too - having an umbrella fold stroller included in the package means that you don't need to buy something else when they reach 6mths.

I have a new shape Fiesta and have no problems at all !!!


great puchchair, i loved it....but i found it way to bulky for my carboot … great puchchair, i loved it....but i found it way to bulky for my carboot and i drive a zafira...good price though

i didnt say i had problems, i just think for the size of my boot it took up wayy too much space, especially if i used the carrycot (which wasnt often), and even just the normal seat unit, dnt get me wrong it was a great pushchair, just i would never buy one again.


I have a new shape Fiesta and have no problems at all !!!

Think it depends on how you use it, I love my buzz, would highly recommend one to anyone, have used it from birth to nearly 2 years and still don't find it heavy, only bad point is folding it down is a pain when in a hurry x
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