Quinny Yezz Stroller was £175 now £125 with Free Rain Cover & Delivery @ kiddies kingdom Online

Quinny Yezz Stroller was £175 now £125 with Free Rain Cover & Delivery @ kiddies kingdom Online



Having just gone through the process of buying a stroller for travel I really didn't see the benefit of these.

In the end we went for a mamas & papas one that weighs 1kg more but has more features, is way sturdier, comfortable and has a quick release umbrella fold that is more practical.

We got them to sell us the display model as they were out of stock and paid £45. I was very happy as I was expecting to pay £150!
I loved my yezz! Perfect urban stroller! Possibly more of a city stroller.... Not a holiday stroller(unless you are of course visiting a busy city)
what have these got to be sold for such a high price ?? I got a basic pram very similar to this from Tesco at £10 and it did the job. for 15 times this price is this worth it? not at all. I'm definitely not one of those who is willing to pay for a basic thing just because of its brand.
These are brilliant for an older toddler / child who is probably past the napping stage (although ours napped occasionally in it with a little pillow). We replaced our bugaboo bee with it. We live in London and it is fine on the pavements here and can do park grass (would be difficult on lots of cobbles). Very easy to manoeuvre - much more so than a typical umbrella folder. So ridiculously light I often chose to carry it on my back like a yoga bag and will unexpectedly take a very tall / heavy child. We chose this over a good quality Maclaren and never regretted it. Friends ditched their Maclarens after trying ours. Also easy to clean - just bung the seat in the wash. Can't fault it. RAVE!
Sorry to revisit an old deal, but did anyone buy from this site? i'm slightly dubious that it is so cheap, and with only trust pilot reviews to go by (which aren't worth a lot with recent media) i'm uncertain
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