Quorn 8 x 42g sausages was £1.97 now £1.00 @ Morrisons

Quorn 8 x 42g sausages was £1.97 now £1.00 @ Morrisons

Found 6th Jan 2017
I love Quorn - must healthier than meat (I am not Vegetarian).

Yes. Mycoprotein™, the main ingredient used to make Quorn products, is a healthy protein* source and good source of dietary fibre and is low in fat - especially saturated fat. Many Quorn products are a source of protein, which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Many Quorn products are also low in saturated fat. Reducing the amount of saturated fat in the diet can help to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels as part of a healhy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.
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be careful, went to my local, they had a front frezzer compartment full of Quorn burgers and sausages, clearly stating £1 above on the labels, got to checkout and was charged £1.97 for the sausages as the boxes in the freezer, think it was red onion and thyme, was not the ones on offer, it is just the plain ones..
It's the packet ones not the boxed....stocked up last time
horse meat!
Quorn is a source of protein and bones? Id rather just be having the meaty sausages
Thanks guys for your comments. I have not yet made the purchase - but I will do.
Thanks, absolutely love these
Another one nearly caught out by this offer - sign saying chicken pieces £1, charged nearly £3 at checkout. Offer was for smaller packs and this was a "bigger pack, same price". No smaller packs available anywhere. Got my refund on that and the other things overpriced at Morrisons that day but not happy.
That is poor. I actually don't like this Supermarket - I just thought this was a good deal. You experience was poor though.
Not available in my local(Belle Vale ) store, tried two weeks running and no sign they are even stocked, only the much more expensive gluten free variety.Contacted Morrisons to enquire why and was told it's an on-line only deal....???This store is always poor when it comes to deals like this,either very low stock or misleading customers with 'tricks' like buzzard above says- has happened to us so many times with various products on offer we scrutinise everything now.
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